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Whether you’re a parent, guardian, coach, advocate or educator, our science- & research-based live events, workshops, resources, and courses will help you understand their world so you can confidently help them navigate it. 

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Connection is in Our Blood

 Teens who feel heard are teens that feel safe. And teens that feel safe are MORE likely to make healthy decisions. Teens that don’t feel understood are the ones who believe they aren’t acceptable. Those kids make decisions based off a desperate need to fit in and belong, not decisions that are in their best interests. 

Adults who build a strong connection with the teens in their lives – rather than set and stick to rigid rules – are the ones whose kids trust them and come to them for help and guidance. Strong connection leads to healthy boundaries that are understood and respected – and that make the teen years a whole lot easier for everyone.

Our focus is, and always will be, building the connection that sets any relationship up for a lifetime of love and trust.

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Whether you’re a parent, educator, or from an organization we have keynotes, seminars and workshops that’ll help you connect better with the teens in your life.

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Dr. Erin Watson, PhD

Body Image & Self-Esteem, Technology, Sexting, Identity Development, Social Media & Media Literacy

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