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We help organizations and teams reset and repair workplace culture so employees feel empowered, productive, and engaged.

Our Vision

That one day all individuals feel equally seen, valued, and respected for their authentic selves at work.

Our Mission

To help leaders and teams connect better with each other in ways that foster trust, respect, and a culture of empowerment.

Our Values

We are bold in our vision, our approach, and our creativity

We act with integrity and are unafraid of being our true selves

We work in collaboration with experts from various career and life backgrounds to ensure we bring a breadth of perspective

We are driven to help create cultures of belonging

We take a trauma-informed approach in all interactions

Our Approach

Workplace culture is critical to employee satisfaction, productivity, motivation, and engagement. 

A study published in January 2023 by Workforce Institute, and that included Canadian participants, reveals that managers have more impact on employees’ mental health (69%) than doctors (51%) or even therapists (41%).

We know mental health problems affect motivation, engagement and productivity. And that there’s a clear link between conflict and miscommunication in the workplace and stress. All of these things affect the dynamics of a team, which in turn affect the people within that team. The same study shows that a whopping 78% of employees say that stress is negatively impacting their work performance, and that this stress spills over into home life (71%), general wellbeing (64%), and relationships (62%).

The Expert Talk helps organizations and teams reset and repair workplace culture through workshops, training, ongoing group support, establishment of internal communities of practice, and one-on-one coaching. Our goal is not to be a “flash in the pan”, or training that’s brought in to check a box, but to develop an ongoing relationship with clients where support and continued learning & growth is at the core. 

We work with government, non-profit, and corporate clients in areas that include conflict navigation/de-escalation, personal accountability, trauma-informed leadership, neurodiversity at work, leading through change, and more.  The Expert Talk sets itself apart with its collaborative approach to team building, program development, and values-based approach, especially with regard to ensuring all content and strategies offered are science- and evidence-based and backed by current research.

No matter the audience, we pride ourselves on creative and engaging trainings and workshops, and ongoing support options & programs that offer participants opportunities to continue developing and practicing their skills. The Expert Talk boasts an expanding community of experts, with a diverse set of expertise and life experience.

But how do you know our experts are any more trustworthy than anyone else?  We’re glad you asked …

To be a part of our community, experts have to meet our 7-point criteria developed by one of our founders – with the most important piece being that all of their information is Research- & evidence-informed – and delivered through a trauma-informed lens.  It’s our promise to you.

Our experts have decades of hands-on and/or clinical experience working in their fields. And they have extensive background in developing and delivering accessible training for adults – in workplaces across many sectors and industries. 

This makes them a trusted source for strategies and support on those topics that are some of the most pressing – things like: supporting neurodiverse workers, conflict navigation & de-escalation, and transforming culture through trauma-informed leadership and practices.

And with ongoing support, you’ll see teams develop the confidence and skills to take care of themselves and each other - and you'll feel the difference throughout your organization.

Social Stewardship

The Expert Talk is 100% women-owned and proud to be a WBE-certified business. We prioritize giving opportunities to women, folks who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community, and to people with neurodiversities. Of investment since our inception in May 2020, over 90% has been directed to collaborators and subcontractors who identify with various intersections of these communities.

We do not accept client requests that experts edit or omit information that validates and/or supports members of the aforementioned communities or their experiences.

The Expert Talk pays a living wage.

Who We Work With


What We Do


Instructor-led workshops for leaders and teams

  • Trauma-Informed Leadership
  • Conflict Navigation & De-escalation
  • Neurodiversity at Work

Presentations & Keynotes

Tailored or Customized For Your Group Or Conference

Choose one of the sessions our experts have already developed, or have a custom event created just for your group.  All of our experts are experienced speakers and educators and can work with groups large or small.

From neurodiversity, to trauma-informed leadership, to conflict navigation and more, sessions are available for audiences of leaders and teams.

Mental Health First Aid

Private Group Training 

At any given time, about 21.4% of the working population in Canada experience mental health problems which can affect their productivity*. These disorders can affect productivity, movement into new employment roles, forming of key social relationships and of healthy habits related to eating, sleeping, and substance use.  This is why it is so important to detect problems early and ensure the person is properly supported.

This course gives participants the confidence and skills to assist someone when mental health problems start – so they can get the support & help they need ASAP.

*Mental Health Commission of Canada

Live Online Events

Connect With Experts on the Topics You Need Most

Live online workshops and free panel discussions let you get the insights & training you need from experts you can trust.  Events are held on zoom and include presentations and workshops designed to be engaging and interactive – and always include time for Q&A.

The Workforce Has Changed Dramatically.

We spend a third of our lives “at work". We've seen an increase in work-from-home, flex-time schedules, and greater entrepreneurship. This has resulted in a life where our work is never set aside. We have moved beyond work-life balance to a new era of work-as-life. As such, people are demanding more from their work and their workplace culture. Employees are demanding a sense of shared value and purpose in their work. This is the root of workplace culture. How people experience work has a direct effect on how they show up for, and perform, work.

A company's success is built on the engagement of its employees. We know that workplace culture impacts people's mental health and wellbeing. Poor mental health impacts productivity and performance. Thus, a company that supports the capacity of its employees is a company that will thrive. Knowledge of the current state of mental health is critical, but not enough. Organizations must be equipped to create strong psychological health and interpersonal effectiveness.

Organizations must also keep an eye on the future. Upcoming generations are entering the workforce with unique needs and expectations. Increased overwhelm, burnout, and heavy mental loads are prevalent. More people are being diagnosed as adults with neurodiversities like ADHD and autism, and a growing awareness of the prevalent nature of trauma in all people is causing organizations to explore new models and frameworks through which to work.

Work has become one of the foundational pillars of our identity. It shapes our satisfaction and our purpose. The establishment of safe and supportive workplaces is non-negotiable. Strong workforces who are empowered through a sense of belonging have the power to transform organizations and communities. The Expert Talk helps facilitate these transformations.

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