About Us

We Help You Connect Better with the Teens & Tweens in Your Life

The Expert Talk offers live and recorded presentations, workshops, and courses that help people connect better with the teens & tweens in their lives.  These are delivered by a community of trusted and experienced experts.

Our Vision

One day all kids will grow up knowing they are loved and accepted for exactly who they are.

Our Mission

To help teens and tweens become empowered, resilient, and well-adjusted adults, by providing them and their support networks with the education, resources, and information to get them there.

Our Values

We are bold in our vision, our approach, and our creativity.

We act with integrity, and are unafraid of being our true selves.

We strive to serve and support our community as it continues to grow.

We seek to positively impact the health, well-being & futures of our youth.

We believe education is always ongoing and the key to positive outcomes.

We ensure respect is the foundation of all our relationships.

Our Approach

Our dream is that one day all kids will grow up feeling loved and accepted for exactly who they are.

Unfortunately, growing up isn’t easy.  And when the tough stuff happens, there’s way too much information and advice out there – a lot of it from people with, shall we say, questionable experience and backgrounds. Figuring out who we can trust to take advice from … when we’re worried about our kids … that can be a scary thought.  And with everyone and their brother claiming to be an expert in something these days, it keeps getting tougher and tougher.

So we buy books, subscribe to blogs and podcasts, and consume articles and videos – often finding ourselves lost in late-night rabbit holes looking for answers and ways we can help and support.

Problem with this stuff, though, is there’s no follow up support – we can’t ask questions to a book author, or for advice on our own unique situation.

We take what’s been published … but then we’re often still left feeling like we’re on our own.

The Expert Talk has built a community of experts who specialize in the topics that affect teens & tweens – and they’re here and ready to help you through live and on-demand presentations, courses, and workshops that’ll help you connect better with the young people in your life.

But how do you know they’re any more trustworthy than anyone else?  We’re glad you asked …

To be a part of our community, experts have to meet our 7-point criteria developed by one of our founders – with the most important piece being that all of their information is science- and evidence-based – and backed up by current research.  It’s our promise to you.

This makes them a trusted source for strategies and support on those “yikes topics” that are the hardest to deal with – things like: mental health, social media, and sex & dating.

But then we take you that missing step further – you’ll engage directly with our experts – both in live events, and in our private community so you get your questions answered.

And with that support, you’ll build stronger relationships with the kids in your life, and you know you’re not alone – no matter what your journey throws at you.

What We Do

Mental Health First Aid

Individual or Private Group Training – For Adults Who Work With Youth

Mental health and substance use disorders often start in adolescence or early adulthood. When these disorders start at this stage in life, they can affect the young person’s education, movement into employment roles, forming of key social relationships and of healthy habits related to eating, sleeping, and substance use.  This is why it is so important to detect problems early and ensure the person is properly supported.

This course gives participants the confidence and skills to help a young person when mental health problems start – so they can get the support & help they need ASAP.

Live Online Events

Connect With Experts on the Topics You Need Most

Monthly live online events let you get the insights you need from experts you can trust.  Events are held on zoom and include presentations and workshops designed to be engaging and interactive – and always include time for Q&A at the end.

Events are recorded so you’ll have lifetime access.

Group Workshops & Presentations

Customize A Presentation Or Workshop For Your Group Or Conference

Choose one of the sessions our experts have already developed, or have a custom event created just for your group.  All of our experts are experienced speakers and educators and can work with groups large or small.

From mental health, to body image, to social media & media literacy and more, most sessions can also be customized for youth audiences as well.

On-Demand Content

Access Past Sessions And Additional Resources such as:

  • [Presentation]  The Body Image Crisis in Girls
  • [Presentation]  Decoding Teen Relationships
  • [Video]  Teen Anxiety – What You Need to Know so You Can Help
  • [Presentation]  Social Media & The Sexualization of Girls
  • [eBook]  98 Conversation Starters – A Guide to Getting Your Teen to Open Up
  • [Workshop]  Anti-Bullying Workshop for Parents
  • And more … 


Membership has its benefits:

  • Access to entire content library
  • Attend all live online events
  • Exclusive Q&A opportunities with experts
  • Member rates on Mental Health First Aid courses
  • Early access to new courses & workshops

Connection is in Our Blood

 Teens who feel heard are teens that feel safe. And teens that feel safe are MORE likely to make healthy decisions. Teens that don’t feel understood are the ones who believe they aren’t acceptable. Those kids make decisions based off a desperate need to fit in and belong, not decisions that are in their best interests. 

Adults who build a strong connection with the teens in their lives – rather than set and stick to rigid rules – are the ones whose kids trust them and come to them for help and guidance. Strong connection leads to healthy boundaries that are understood and respected – and that make the teen years a whole lot easier for everyone.

Our focus is, and always will be, building the connection that sets any relationship up for a lifetime of love and trust.

Our Experts

Whether you’re a parent, educator, or from an organization we have keynotes, seminars and workshops that’ll help you connect better with the teens in your life.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Dr. Erin Watson, PhD

Body Image & Self-Esteem, Technology, Sexting, Identity Development, Social Media & Media Literacy

Charmaine Hammond

Conflict Resolution, Communication, Resilience, Collaborative Classrooms

Angele D'Alessio

Mental Health First Aid, Mental Health 101, Youth Mental Health

John Sovec

Affirmative Support for LGBTQ+ Youth, Depression, Anxiety, Grief

Alley Dezenhouse-Kelner

Emotional Regulation, Supporting Neurodivergent Youth

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721-304 Stone Rd W, Guelph, Ontario, N1G 4W4

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