Anti-Bullying Workshop for Parents

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Bullying Is Uglier Than You Think … 

Bullying is not just physical intimidation, or what you see in movies.  Bullying is invasive and sometimes invisible.  It’s often dismissed as teasing, but the impacts on self-esteem are severe. 

Bullying can happen between best friends.   This can confuse kids and make them accept harm as a natural part of a friendship.  When kids don’t see that what is happening is bullying, the damage can be greater and even harder to undo.  

This workshop isn’t your standard healthy relationship or anti-bullying one. It covers way more than helping your kid cope or knowing what good friendships look like. At this stage, social relationships are CRUCIAL to setting kids up for future success. You’ll dive deep into:

  • Exactly what your kid is experiencing (even the things they won’t tell you)
  • How they are making sense of it all
  • And, why they are making the social decisions that they are

You’ll also discover:

  • How to help them build these solid foundations
  • And how you play a crucial role in steering them towards increased trust, self-worth, and social wellbeing