Healing Pandemic Grief & Burnout

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Your kid is grieving a loss …

But do you realize you are too?

When we’re in the thick of taking care of others, it’s easy to lose ourselves in the chaos.  We think, “if I can just fix their problem, everything will be back to normal”.  But it never works that way.

  • Are they so easily set off lately that you’re constantly on eggshells?
  • Do you feel like you’re about to go over the edge?

What You’ll Leave With:

→   A clear understanding of the heavy load your kid is carrying

→   Effective strategies to help support them in lightening their load

→  A sense of permission that you are allowed to put yourself first – no guilt required

→   Knowledge on when to prioritize your needs vs theirs

→   Easy-to-implement strategies to repair your own emotional exhaustion

→   Relief – for both of you