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Welcome to The Expert Talk’s Community of Care Resources. We created this information for you because someone in your child’s community of care has taken our Mental Health First Aid course and we want to give you some insight into what they learned, and how they’re better prepared to help in the event your child starts to exhibit signs of an emerging mental health problem.

We know that the more support kids have when they’re struggling with mental health, the more likely they’ll be to get appropriate help and have increased positive outcomes. Our goal is to raise the baseline comfort level people have when it comes to discussing mental health concerns, and to make sure, if the event a problem arises, you and the mental health first aider(s) in your child’s life are speaking the same language, and can work together to give you child the help and support they need.

You now have access to:

  1. An overview video of the core concepts of Mental Health First Aid
  2. An in-depth video on anxiety in young people and what you need to know so you can support them
  3. A comprehensive guide to starting and engaging in conversations with young people about their mental health
  4. A guide to inclusive language that’ll help you start thinking about how much impact the words we use can impact those struggling with their mental health

If you have any questions about this content or the course, please reach out to us at

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