Mental Health First Aid (Standard) Community of Care – for Graduates

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Welcome to The Expert Talk’s Community of Care Resources. Now that you’ve completed Mental Health First Aid we wanted to give you some additional items that will help you to support a young person in your life with their mental health.

There are some additional challenges when it comes to the mental health of young people. They may not have the experience to know that what they’re feeling may be the sign of an emerging problem, or may not even have the language to describe it. They often don’t have an awareness that help and support is available, or may feel like they’ll be judged or not taken seriously by the adults in their lives. For these reasons, we’ve created these additional resources for you.

You now have access to:

  1. An overview video of the core concepts of Mental Health First Aid
  2. An in-depth video on anxiety in young people and what you need to know so you can support them
  3. A comprehensive guide to starting and engaging in conversations with young people about their mental health
  4. A guide to inclusive language that’ll help you start thinking about how much impact the words we use can impact those struggling with their mental health

You’re also welcome to offer these resources for free to anyone else who’s looking to better support the kids in their care.

Simply send them here: and they can use the code STDCOC at checkout to access them for free.

You have lifetime access to these resources, so we hope you come back to them again and again when you need them.

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