Social Media & The Sexualization Of Girls

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Media today celebrates the sexy and glamorous woman over the successful and self-assured one. From Kim Kardashian, to Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, girls mimic the sexed-up imagery they see. Some girls believe being sexy will help them get ahead in society and relationships, while others are left to wonder, “will anyone ever find me desirable?”

This leads to a crisis of confidence and self-worth as girls are caught “in-between”. At home, girls are trying to enjoy still being a kid. In the community, they are serving as ambassadors and changing the world. As a parent, you wonder when is it too much for them to handle? And how do you support them without denying them their opportunity to explore growing up?

This talk is critical for anyone who wants to understand the benefits and drawbacks of sexualisation and the media. 

This talk will give you insights that set girls up for success, including: 

  • What exactly sexualization is and what it means for girls 
  • How media can be leveraged to support girls healthy growth and empowerment
  • What type of girls are at risk of the damaging effects of sexualisation, and what girls are left out
  • How to protect girls from unnecessary harm and/or exploitation 
  • PLUS five secrets you never expected to hear from an industry insider!

Your Facilitator: Dr. Erin Watson

Dr. Erin specialized in studying young women’s and girls’ empowerment, including body image, sexualization, and identity development. She is trained as a therapist and works as a relationship coach for individuals, couples and families. Erin also teaches at one of Canada’s highest ranked universities.

Dr. Erin has been an invited speaker in Canadian middle and high schools, giving workshops to students aged 12 to 16 on topics such as self-esteem, body image, dating & sexuality, and media literacy.