Vaping, Alcohol, Drugs & Teens

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Does your stomach drop at the thought of talking about vaping, alcohol & drugs with teens?

You’re definitely not alone.

Growing up, most of us were taught about the dangers of drinking & drugs through zero-tolerance, “Just Say No” campaigns that were intended to scare us.

Because we didn’t have access to much open discussion around substance use, we were left to figure it out on our own.  And this led to experimenting with drugs & alcohol while also learning to hide it from our parents & other adults. 

We look back at our own teen years, and all the secrets we hid, and it’s no wonder the thought of our kids experimenting with drugs & alcohol strikes fear in our hearts.

Truth is, we all need to make choices about what kind of relationships we will have with substances throughout our lives – from caffeine and OTC painkillers, to nicotine, alcohol and illicit drugs.

Teens today need to figure out these same relationships, but with four major factors they need to navigate that you didn’t have to:  

  • The overdose crisis
  • The rise of vaping
  •  Legalization of cannabis in Canada
  • The mental health effects of the pandemic 

This means that the ways we talk about substances with them need to be more nuanced – an especially tough ask if you grew up barely talking about it at all.

Jen Donovan has helped countless youth and their families around substance use and addiction.  And now she’s taken her education & experience and turned it into a workshop to help you navigate some of the hardest conversations and situations you’ll come up against.