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Introducing … Mental Health First Aid for Adults Who Interact With Youth

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The Inner Lives of Girls

Fact: Body image and confidence are directly related to success in all areas of life as girls grow and mature

Social Media and Sexualization

Fact: Sexualization of young girls has been associated with negative health outcomes like anxiety and depression

Conflict Resolution

Fact:  Educators and students who learn conflict resolution skills can create a safe, and constructive environment that enhances the educator’s ability to teach and students’ ability to learn

The Body Image Crisis in Girls

Fact: Girls exposed to over 5,000 ads and images a day that send strong messages about beauty expectations

Resolving Conflict Between Parents

Fact: Many behavioural issues educators face in the classroom are a direct result of conflict in the home

Creating Collaborative Classrooms

Fact: Mental health concerns, bullying, racism and isolation continue to challenge educators who are increasingly having to intervene, resolve issues and deal with issues that far exceed education

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