Dealing With Big Emotions

The adolescent years are defined by big changes – social, personal, behavioural, and mental health.  Add on top of this a global pandemic, and it’s no wonder that both teens and the adults who support them are struggling.

Kids (and their grownups) are being asked to carry a lot and don’t have the tools to do so effectively and confidently.

And so, we’re seeing big feelings & behaviours with no end in sight.

The pandemic has resulted in collective trauma that has forever changed life as we know it for every human on the planet.  The stress we’re all carrying from this shared experience bleeds into every relationship in our lives – including the one we have with ourselves.

This pressure cooker has made us quicker to react, shorter on patience, and less able to find the balance we used to have.

Self-regulation is the key to slowing everything down – to being able to choose how to respond instead of reacting right away.  It’s also super challenging when we’re dealing with the big emotions of our kids and others around us.

That’s why we’ve developed this workshop for parents and for people who work with teens & tweens.

This workshop will leave you with:

  • The relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviour
  • Why we are more reactive when we’re stressed
  • Your own escalation & behaviour patterns
  • Your own strategy toolbox to turn to when you feel yourself escalating
  • Actionable steps to start using right now in everyday conversations & situations
  • Knowing how to teach these same skills to the kids in your life
  • And so much more …

When we feel like we’re losing control of our own emotions, we’re not able to help kids through their own.  Book a free needs assessment now to talk about how this workshop can help you and your team.

About the author 

Alley Dezenhouse-Kelner