Decoding Teen Relationships

Navigating social and romantic relationships is one of the hardest things a teen can do. Having consistent, healthy support networks can make all the difference between a teen that thrives and a teen that barely survives.

Kids need guidance on challenges like bullying and drama amongst friends, how to emotionally cope with the new world of dating, and how to navigate a toxic relationship without shame, as some examples.

Parents, educators, and other guardians often wonder how to help adolescents set healthy boundaries for their well-being without pushing them away.

This talk covers everything you need to know about the ups and downs of the vibrant and challenging social world of teens. You will learn:

– What, exactly, is going on in a teen’s confusing social world?

– What they really think of your advice and role in their life, and what they need from you but will never ask for

– How you can be the anchor that helps them weather any storm or social crisis

– What you can do (without them knowing) that will set them up for healthy relationships in all areas of life

About the author 

Dr. Erin Watson