Navigating Difficult Conversations for Business Excellence

Lack of collaboration is hurting your company more than you realize. 

A Salesforce survey of more than 1,400 corporate executives, employees and educators "found that 86% of participants believed that lack of collaboration was responsible for workplace failures." And a recent study by Harvard Business Review revealed the time spent by managers and employees in collaborative activities has ballooned by 50% or more.

Communication and collaboration breakdowns happen more online than they do in-person. And they're affecting the happiness and productivity of your team. Forced online during the pandemic, employees had to learn to interact without many established norms.

This has led to frustrations, resentments, and division among team members. And leaders struggle to manage employees in this whole new arena.

If any of the following have developed amongst your team, it's time to nip them in the bud:

  • Passive aggressive behaviour in online meetings, or on messaging platforms
  • Lack of regard for meeting start times
  • Lack of regard for professionalism & culture while in online meetings
  • Monopolizing online meeting time
  • Calling meetings when phone calls would do the job
  • Overwhelm or lack of adoption stemming from the volume of online collaboration tools you're using
  • Resentment of remote staff members by those who are required to work on-site

Participants will also learn how to mitigate external conflict with clients, constituents, and vendors

This workshop will be tailored specifically to the issues your organization is facing. Leaders will learn how to navigate the breakdowns that happen within teams, and how to lead and to foster collaboration in this new online reality.

Learning Objectives:

  • Essential elements of successful collaborations
  • What collaboration and alignment agreements should include
  • Advanced strategies to set collaborations up for the two S's (success and sustainability)
  • How to deal with collaborations that go sideways
  • Organization-specific issues will be addressed with respect and empathy

Take-Away Strategies & Tools:

  • Meeting courtesies templates
  • Collaboration for Success Agreement templates
  • Effective ways to lay out expectations for online interactions, and how to manage issues as they arise

Additional Information:

  • This talk has been developed for leaders and managers, and can be adapted to their teams as well
  • Standard length is 60-75 minutes, but this can be extended into a workshop with skill-building activities, breakout groups, and case studies
  • This session is available for virtual or for in-person delivery
  • Client will be responsible for speaker travel costs, plus a per diem over and above the speaker fee
  • Need additional tailoring of content, or a fully customized session?  We're here for you. Book a free needs assessment today so we can uncover exactly what you need and how we can help
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