Healing Burnout & Compassion Fatigue

A lot of the mental health concerns and behaviour issues in kids are the result of unresolved ambiguous grief – the kind of grief that doesn’t come from a clear-cut loss such as experiencing death or illness.  It comes from things like missing out on social events, school being on again off again for two years, seeing friends and parents struggle, and coming to the realization that the world isn’t the safe & predictable place they thought it was.

This kind of grief isn’t often recognized for what it is, and so doesn’t get dealt with.

As parents and those who work with kids, we’re struggling with it too.  We grieve for them and for what they’ve lost, and it makes us feel helpless.   But because we don’t recognize the grief in ourselves, we try to push through it … and we burn out.  This is on top of the exhaustion that comes from using all our daily energy managing their moods and mental health. 

This is the special kind of burnout called compassion fatigue.  And if we don’t resolve it in ourselves, there’s no way we can help them with their mental and emotional health. 

This workshop will leave you with:

  • A clear understanding of the hidden load the kids in your life are carrying
  • Effective strategies in helping them to lighten their load
  • Knowledge of when to prioritize your needs over theirs
  • A sense of permission that you are allowed to put yourself first – no guilt required
  • Easy-to-use strategies to repair your own emotional exhaustion
  • And so much more …

Until we understand what kids are dealing with and how it’s affecting us, we can’ help them.  Book a free needs assessment now to talk about how this workshop can help you and your team.

About the author 

Dr. Erin Watson