Interpersonal Effectiveness

Is miscommunication within teams affecting productivity?

In a recent poll, managers rated interpersonal communication as one of the top priorities in the workplace. Interpersonal communication is the foundation of meaningful, cohesive, and productive relationships in the workplace. Without such relationships, tensions and conflict can derail important projects, consume valuable time, and even damage a company’s reputation.

However, not all employees have strong interpersonal effectiveness. Interpersonal effectiveness is a skill that affects how well employees communicate. This skill is something that has to be taught and learned (rather than a personality trait). As such, companies have the ability to have direct effects on the development of their employee's effectiveness.

Interpersonal effectiveness is what drives things like negotiation skills, asking questions, respectful assertiveness, strong leadership, requesting help, providing and receiving constructive feedback, and making team work pleasant and productive. Poor interpersonal effectiveness is what leads to defensive, antagonistic, aggressive, critical, negative, or helpless, scared, and defeatist employees. It can also result in the concealment of mistakes that then grow larger and more problematic. Poor interpersonal effectiveness can be uncomfortable and awkward at best, and at worst can cause harm to others and damage to one’s self and one’s professional standing.

 Interpersonal effectiveness creates great leaders and engaged teams. It’s also crucial for customer facing positions where by any one employee becomes an ambassador for the company as a whole.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the four factors that influence interpersonal effectiveness
  • Discover what compassionate boundaries are and how they differ from policy and regulation.
  • Create environments where mistakes are caught early and handled effectively
  • Learn how to create space for different or difficult personalities in a way that increases autonomy and safety at work
  • Understand exactly how Interpersonal effectiveness enables you to have your voice heard, get your needs met, be taken seriously, and be able to offer and receive leadership
  • Learn what the signs and symptoms are of high and low interpersonal effectiveness
  • Learn how interpersonal effectiveness is impacting YOUR company, and specifically how it shows up differently in different industries

Take-Away Strategies & Tools:

  • Support individuals and teams with open and productive communication so that matters are not misconstrued or missed
  • Increase assertiveness ,confidence and self respect as foundations of increasing an employees sense of being valued and engaged at work
  • How to remain present in challenging moments without triggers derailing you
  • How individual differences can become toxic over time and how to prevent that
  • Strategies to balance priorities vs demands, and attend to relationships without getting swamped
  • Strategies to increase productivity and engagement
  • How to diffuse tense moments or respond in a way that avoids tensions flaring
  • Solutions to communicate your needs, perceptions and points effectively so that others can listen with an open mind and non-defensively
  • How to recognise triggers and create adaptive (helpful) behaviors (for us and our team) to engage in without ignoring our feelings and emotions.
  • Methods to give and receive constructive criticism that go well beyond “sandwich the negative between two positives” and will actually be welcomed by employees

Additional Information:

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  • This session is available for virtual or for in-person delivery
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