Keeping Family Bonds Tight In Tough Times

Is today’s world straining your family to a breaking point? Keep hearing a buzz around the critical need for “emotional validation” but unsure what it really means? Want to know exactly how to balance tweens’ and teens’ need for your guidance alongside their need for independence? This talk shares the latest research and clinical methods used by experts today. From attachment parenting and attunement strategies to tough love, you will learn what’s fact and what’s fiction. This talk is necessary for anyone who wants a lasting relationship with the teens & tweens in their lives. In this talk, you will be guided through the following:

– Five critical elements needed to ensure deep bonds and secure healthy, loving futures

– Three cutting-edge methods used by top therapists

– Tools to help you navigate even the most difficult stresses and crises

– What you can do to ensure a successful future

About the author 

Dr. Erin Watson