Recovering From Hidden Grief

Hidden grief shows up in sneaky ways:

Outbursts of anger, intense overwhelm or apathy, behavioural concerns in the classroom or difficult dynamics in the workplace. It affects our mental and emotional wellbeing and hinders our productivity, focus, and relationships.

As humans, we think we understand grief. We have “scripts” for how to deal with, or help others through it. We know what to do when someone loses a loved one, is diagnosed with illness, or suffers a relationship breakupBut what we don’t know about is ambiguous grief. This is the kind of grief that doesn’t have defined edges – and so often goes unrecognized.

We all have hidden grief that we have been carrying around, sometimes for years. The pandemic brought this grief to its breaking point; missed social opportunities, on and off school closures, work from home and back to offices. Relationships strained, suffered, and broke. Emotions we didn't understand or know how to handle took up residence. And the world that used to feel safe and predictable … suddenly wasn’t anymore.

This is ambiguous grief. And it can be hard to put into words.

When we don't know what we are dealing with, we don't cope with it in a way that will actually resolve it. Instead, we've developed mental and emotional health concerns that result in more overwhelm and lack of focus (for adults) and more behavioural issues (in tweens and teens).

Like an iceberg, there is so much below the surface of our current struggles to "get back to normal", and grief is at the root of so much of it.

This talk explores exactly how and why grief showed up in your life - and what you can do right now to resolve and recover.

Get your life (and your relationships) back.

Learning Objectives:

  • A clear understanding of the heavy load you, your employees, or your teens & tweens are carrying - What exactly has caused this grief?
  • How does this grief show up? Signs and symptoms that someone is grieving a loss
  • Effective strategies to help support you in lightening your load AND help others lighten their load
  • An understanding of "grief behaviour": Why things have been more tense lately at work, at home, and within yourself
  • How grief affects mental and emotional health and the long terms effects if it goes unrecognized
  • For adults: How our personal effectiveness is suffering and how to get back in control of your time, and life
  • For adults who work with youth: How identity development is suffering (specifically because of the pandemic) and how you can help get them back on track 

Take-Away Strategies & Tools:

  • Decode your experience: A powerful understanding of exactly why things have been hard for you and what specific ways your life has been affected by grief.
  • Learn YOUR specific triggers and how they have shown up and bogged you down.
  • How to "unpack your grief backpack" (without overwhelm) and lighten your emotional load
  • Creating your own "emotional thermometer" to recognize exactly how to best care for yourself in specific difficult moments
  • A specific protocol to navigate difficult and uncomfortable feelings that may arise with ease
  • How to apply (without pressure) these practices to the others in your lives (your teens, partner, coworkers etc)
  • Specific emotional regulation techniques that can be practiced in ANY situation (without anyone even knowing)
  • The complete "before, during, and after" protocol for healing hidden grief using current clinical best practices and scientific evidence

Additional Information:

  • This talk has been developed for adult audiences
  • Standard length is 60-75 minutes, but this can be extended into a workshop with skill-building activities, breakout groups, and case studies
  • This session is available for virtual or for in-person delivery
  • Client will be responsible for speaker travel costs, plus a per diem over and above the speaker fee
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