Supporting Anxiety in Young People

More young people are reporting struggling with anxiety than ever before.

Anxiety problems in young people have exploded since the start of the pandemic – the percentage of 15–24-year-olds reporting excellent or very good mental health dropped by a third since March 2020 (SickKids, May 2022). 

With anxiety reporting the highest increases, knowing how to support young people with it has never been more critical. But how do you support someone when you don't know exactly what they are experiencing? What if you can't make sense of their behavior to even recognize a concern?

This presentation illuminates everything you need to know about anxiety and what you can do to support the teens & tweens in your life. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Where anxiety comes from
  • What anxiety can look like (spoiler alert – it’s not always what we see on tv)
  • What anxiety feels like for young people
  • The difference between anxiety and anxiety disorders
  • When you should really start to worry about your teen's wellbeing

Take-Away Strategies & Tools:

  • Ways well-meaning adults try to help that end up pushing them away 
  • What does work to help them dial down anxiety in the moment 
  • How you can help them regain their calm during a panic attack

Additional Information:

  • This talk has been developed for audiences of adults who work with youth
  • Standard length is 45 minutes.  It can be booked on its own or added as a special focus to Mental Health 101 - Supporting Youth
  • This session is available for virtual or for in-person delivery
  • Client will be responsible for speaker travel costs, plus a per diem over and above the speaker fee
  • Need additional tailoring of content, or a fully customized session?  We're here for you. Book a free needs assessment today so we can uncover exactly what you need and how we can help
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