The Collaborative Classroom

Teachers and educators are in need of resources to create collaborative classrooms, online and in person. Mental health concerns, bullying, racism and isolation, among a myriad of other issues, continue to challenge teachers, as they are expected to intervene and deal with issues that exceed curriculums.

Creating a collaborative classroom allows students to be engaged in creating a respectful environment and agreeing on guidelines for the classroom, whether with regard to respect among peers or rules around personal devices, and so many things in between. Students then learn valuable life lessons about teamwork, cooperation, leadership and communication.

Through this talk, participants will:

  • Learn how to develop structures for creating collaboration in the classroom
  • Be introduced to strategies for improving relations between and amongst students
  • Understand how collaborative approaches can increase the self-esteem of students and positively impact their growth & development

About the author 

Charmaine Hammond