The Inner Lives of Teens & Tweens

Teens and tweens go through 4 developmental stages during their adolescent years.

  If well-supported during this time, they build resilience and confidence, and they become well-adjusted adults.

During these stages, their emotional and mental health needs are often misunderstood by the adults in their lives. We interpret them as behavioural issues or emotional problems, which makes us miss the cues that they need extra support and guidance.

To add to this, there are 7 pillars of healthy development influencing them as they move through these stages.

Some of these pillars include things that have known impacts on emotional and mental health. These include:

  • digital culture
  • social media
  • peer & romantic relationships
  • body image 

We know right now, as result of pandemic, many of these pillars have been absent or undermined. This is why 1 in 5 youth are already suffering from mental health problems or concerns.

This talk helps adults understand how youth mental wellness comes about, and how to recognize and interpret what they’re going though. From there, we can support them in a way that creates strong foundations as they move through these stages and beyond.

Learning Objectives:

  • The four key developmental stages all tweens & teens go through
  • The seven pillars of healthy identity development and the roles they play during the four stages
  • How tweens and teens are actually navigating the world of social media, sexualization, peer and social relationships, and body image and what you need to keep an eye out for
  • Why teens & tweens behave the way they do
  • What’s behind their angst and outbursts, and how to respond so that their needs are attended to
  • How mishandled – or unattended to – needs affect mental health and wellbeing
  • A discussion of attachment to pinpoint exactly where your kid falls on the emotional wellbeing and healthy relationship spectrum

Take-Away Strategies & Tools:

  • The red and yellow flags that indicate a tween or teen is on the edge
  • A simple process for knowing when to step in and when to step back
  • A clear understanding of tween's and teens mental and emotional perspectives to help decode their behavior
  • A roadmap or guidebook for how to support tweens or teens in opening up and creating a more secure bond
  • Insight from current clinical and empirical research on how to foster improved body image, healthy social relationships, and leverage social media use in appropriate ways
  • Learn the top three things that impact tween's and teens future success and wellbeing that you can have a positive influence on now
  • Understand exactly the role you play in their life and uncover the secret ways they think about that role you play

Additional Information:

  • This talk has been developed for adult audiences
  • Standard length is 60-75 minutes, but this can be extended into a workshop with skill-building activities, breakout groups, and case studies
  • This session is available for virtual or for in-person delivery
  • Client will be responsible for speaker travel costs, plus a per diem over and above the speaker fee
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