Alley Dezenhouse-Kelner

Alley Dezenhouse-Kelner

MA, Counselling Psychology

Alley (she/her) is the Clinical Director of Magnificent Minds Inc. a specialized private school and therapeutic provider in Toronto; Alley’s practice focuses primarily on neurodivergent (ADHD, ASD, Anxiety, ODD, and learning differences) children, youth and the parents/professionals who support them. Alley has a post-graduate certificate in Autism Behaviour Science, Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology (thesis topic: Function-Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for youth with ASD) and a graduate certificate in Applied Behaviour Analysis. Alley is a member in good standing with the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals (formerly the OACCPP) and a Children’s Therapeutic Yoga & Mindfulness Practitioner. 

Alley has experience conducting and supervising Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Function-Based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (fb-CBT), educational programming, social-emotional skill building, Mindfulness, and Naturalistic/Play Based Therapy and has Level 1 Certification in PEAK assessment and programming. Alley has supported parents and professionals in workshops focusing on: self-regulation, autism, ADHD, inclusive educational practices, child development, fb-CBT, CBT- for Psychosis, and parenting, and through her contributions to the Science Drives Wellness Steers blog and podcast. Alley works in direct service, doing therapy with neurodivergent kids and 1:1 coaching with their caregivers, as well as working with community agencies to foster best-practices in supporting mental health through a behavioural lens; she has experience developing curriculums, resources and teaching children and adults through in-person and online instruction.

Alley has worked under psychological supervision since 2011, and works alongside a multi-disciplinary team that recognizes that a child is more than just the sum of his or her behaviours. Alley is an avid proponent of mindfulness in day to day living, yoga, allergy-free baking, scientific journals, and purposeful parenting strategies.

Alley is a mom of 3, an avid proponent of mindfulness, yoga, allergy-free baking, scientific journals, and purposeful parenting strategies.

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