Angela Whyte

Owner and Coach – A Brave Space Coaching and Education (they/them)

Angela has spent their whole life being curious about people. Angela is an iPEC certified Transformational Life Coach, who works with people who live at the intersection of chronic pain and illness, ADHD, and queerness to help them move forward on their path with confidence and bravery. Angela came to this career path after working in the corporate world for over a decade, and seeing firsthand what people needed to feel safe, supported and engaged at work, and what got in the way. 

Angela’s shares their unique experience as a late-diagnosis neurodivergent person working in HR and administration for large telecom and tech companies, and their role as a professional development coordinator. These positions have given them extensive insight into how we can better support the mental and psychological well-being of our ND employees. 

Angela understands that when people don’t feel like they belong, they don’t perform well and that this is at the root of much of the mental health issues, burnout, and conflict currently being experienced by neurodivergent individuals at work. We know that it’s hard to support people when we don’t fully understand them or their experiences. 

With a background that spans interests from fibre artistry to spreadsheets, Angela offers strategies and supports that meet folks where they are, without shame or judgement. Angela approaches difficult conversations, awkward questions, and fear in others in a compassionate, curious way that creates a safer and braver space for everyone to grow and learn.

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