Dr. Erin Watson

Dr Erin Watson

PhD, Family Relationships & Human Development | Co-Founder, The Expert Talk

Co-Founder of The Expert Talk, Dr. Erin Watson is a Recovery Coach, Educator, and Speaker with 20 year’s experience developing and leading psycho-educational programs to support the mental, emotional, and inter-personal health of individuals, families and communities. As a trained trauma expert and specialist in relational systems, Erin supports people and groups in establishing core foundations for personal and interpersonal effectiveness.

She has a special interest in the impacts of toxic dynamics and trauma on personal development and interpersonal culture, and helps individuals, families, and companies recover from the exhaustion and emotional burnout that results from the efforts needed to support healthy, sustainable, and enriching communities. She has a clinical background in mental health therapy, and 15+ years experience in higher education as an instructor at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Her research has been published in top tier academic journals, books, and public press.

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