Drew McClure

Drew McClure (he/him) is a registered counselling therapist-candidate (RCT-C) and the owner of Red Fox Counselling, an online counselling therapy service.

He completed his Masters of Counselling at City University in Vancouver, BC. During his graduate work, Drew focused on gender, body image, and response-based therapy.

Prior to becoming an RCT-C, Drew coached competitive swimming for provincial and national level athletes. During his tenure, he emphasized long-term development, resiliency, and autonomy. Drew also mentored junior coaches and promoted technically- and ethically-sound coaching principles.

As a speaker, Drew is conversational and engaging. He draws on scientific literature and experience to develop principle-based approaches that can adapt to multiple contexts and survive changing trends. Drew always has the goal to provide his audiences with a meaningful, compelling experience that can be immediately applied in practical ways.

Drew lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with his partner and son. He can often be found in his woodshop or the jiu jitsu academy. 

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