Seren Sterling

Seren (they/them) is late to many things, despite their history of attempting to control time by being so unreasonably early that nothing could go wrong, right? They were late to recognize their neurodivergence. ADHD in their mid-20s after a grad school breakdown. Autism at 34 after not understanding office hierarchies and countless therapy conversations that went, “I thought I was following the social rules, I don’t know why I’m in trouble?” They were late to their LBGTQ+ identity—the bisexual and non-binary awakenings followed a surprisingly similar timeline to recognizing their neurodivergence.

At this point, they are so late to a “career” that checkbox might never get ticked. A weird artist at heart, they have been an actor, singer, PhD-track English Literature student, web developer, and collector of odd jobs. Now they are an ADHD and Autism Life Coach, not because they have their life together, but because they don’t. They want to share the compassionate curiosity they are slowly and painstakingly learning to extend to themselves to others. It sounds weird and scary, but this has worked much better than all the countless attempts to punish themselves into getting their life together.

Seren has trained as an ADHD coach through the ADD Coaching Academy and with Heather Morgan‘s Unmasking Toolkit. A trauma-informed approach to coaching is at the centre of Seren’s practice to facilitate a creative, compassionate partnership in which every client is the expert in their mind and body.

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