As an openly queer therapist, I know the joy and pain of the coming out process personally and the importance of having supportive adults to ease the journey. 

LGBTQ kids are absolute rockstars! But not all of them feel safe, supported and loved. We can change that. 

Here are 4 Ways to Support LGBTQ Kids that anyone can do whether it is your tween or teen, a student in your class, or a player on your team.

1. Express Unconditional Love 

It’s simple: Love LGBTQ kids for exactly who they are even when you are feeling confused about your own thoughts and feelings. 

2. Don’t Assume

There may be lots of questions for all of you. It’s awesome to have questions. Start by educating yourself and asking respectful questions to fill in the gaps of that education. Know that it’s okay to feel awkward!

3. Explore any issues or concerns about their personal safety

Encourage your LGBTQ superstar to seek support regarding teasing, bullying or harassment. The reality is many LGBTQ individuals are faced with some form of harassment or judgment. Let them know you are there for them no matter what and you will help them cope and feel safe and accepted. 

4. Be patient 

There is a lot of ground to cover as a kid explores what being LGBTQ means to them. You can be alongside them during this journey – but do not rush them. It takes time for all of us to fully get to know ourselves and to find our perfection (and they truly are perfect!)