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Dealing With Big Emotions


Exhausted by their big emotions?

Here’s your roadmap to help them …

After the past two years, it’s no wonder nerves are frayed, tempers are short, and patience is thin.  Outbursts are more common and more intense than before, and you feel like you’re locked in constant power struggles with them.

  • Are they so easily set off lately that you’re constantly on eggshells?
  • Do you feel your own temper flaring and are unable to rein it in before you blow?

What You’ll Leave With:

→   A clear understanding of self-regulation through a behavioural lens

→   Understanding impact of stress on the brain

→  Awareness of your own escalation patterns & how they impact others

→   A map of your own escalation patterns

→   Strategies to help the kids in your life manage their own big emotions

→   The role of social media on disregulation



Do you feel like you’re drowning in big emotions lately?!

A million things are happening to us all the time.
Inside, we have hormones, anxiety, hunger, and thoughts racing through our heads.
Outside, we have noises, relationships, expectations to live up to, and impossible standards. And that’s just in our own world.
Then there’s the world at large throwing us a pandemic, inflation, foreign wars, and more. Our thoughts and feelings about all these things throw off our system and speed up our heart.
We start to feel out of control and we ask ourselves, “where am I in all this? Where do my needs fit in? How do I even start to find joy in this mess?”
Emotional regulation is so hard because our emotions serve one purpose: to remind us of what we need each and every minute of the day. But the world tells us to conform to the needs of everyone else around us: our kids, partners, friends, bosses …
So we repress, squash down, deny, or avoid our own needs. It’s a pressure cooker waiting to happen. But we don’t have time to think when we need to make split-second decisions about how to react to so much around us.
So we try to deal with the issue in the only way that feels like we have some control. Which often means not dealing with the root at all, but scrambling from one fire to the next.
Self regulation slows everything down. It’s more than taking a deep breath – it’s pausing to make sure you’re heading in the direction you choose.
If we don’t have healthy ways to get our emotions under control, we often explode on our partner and kids instead.
They yell back because they’re just as dysregulated as we are from their own stressful day. And then we want to help them because we can see how stressed they are.  But their emotions add to our own load.  And the cycle goes around and around …
That’s why we’re bringing you this workshop.
Self regulation is the key to being in control of your life again instead of your life being in control of you.