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Social Media & The Sexualization Of Girls


Understand what sexualization actually is, how social media can be used to support healthy development, and how to protect her from unnecessary harm and/or exploitation.


Media today celebrates the sexy and glamorous woman over the successful and self-assured one. From Kim Kardashian, to Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, girls mimic the sexed-up imagery they see.

Some girls believe being sexy will help them get ahead in society and relationships, while others feel completely left out and like they’ll never be acceptable.

This leads to a crisis of confidence and self-worth as girls are caught in-between: at home she’s trying to enjoy still being a kid, and out in the world there are pressures and expectations on her that she doesn’t even realize.

As a parent, you wonder when is it too much for her to handle? How do you support her without denying her the opportunity to explore growing up?

This talk is critical for anyone who wants to understand the benefits and drawbacks of sexualization and the media.

This talk will give you insights that set girls up for success, including:

  • What exactly sexualization is and what it means for girls
  • How media can be used to support healthy growth and empowerment
  • What type of girls are at risk of the damaging effects of sexualization, and who gets left out
  • How to protect her from unnecessary harm and/or exploitation
  • PLUS five secrets you never expected to hear from an industry insider


*Note – this session covers the second of the four main pressures tween & teen girls are facing. The other three are covered in separate sessions available for purchase, or free in the member area. An overview of all four is available in The Inner Lives of Girls presentation. The other three pressures are: body image & self-esteem, social & romantic relationships, and family relationships.