Anti Bullying For Parents

A Live Online Workshop for Parents With Teens & Tweens

Is Your Kid Being Bullied?

It’s Not Always Obvious …

Kids often don’t see how badly their “friends” are treating them – especially when they’re just trying to fit in. 

  • Do they come home with hurt feelings or in tears? 
  • Do you worry stepping in will only make it worse?

Attend this live online workshop to learn when and how to step in using proven strategies that improve their self-esteem and friendships.

Monday, January 31st

4pm PST  |  5pm MST  |  6pm CST  |  7pm EST  |  8pm AST

Only $69

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Sorry, this event is over... but you can still purchase the recording

Event Details

Monday, January 31st

4pm PST | 5pm MST | 6pm CST | 7pm EST | 8pm AST

An interactive workshop:
→  90 minutes live on zoom
→   Q&A with our expert
→   Lifetime access to recording of the session 

Only $69

What You'll Leave With

  • A clear understanding of the causes and effects of bullying
  • Proven strategies to help your kid develop the confidence and self-esteem they need to build healthy relationships
  • Confidence in your ability to advocate for your kid if you need to intervene
  • Knowledge on when it’s time to step in and when you need to let them handle it on their own
  • Relief – for both of you

Bullying is a Relationship Problem …

At The Expert Talk we know that you want to raise happy, healthy kids. To do that, you need to know they can handle the tough stuff that comes their way.

The problem is, kids can be mean. And yours can be on the receiving end of hurtful comments and actions. You see the damage and are heartbroken for them – but feel powerless to help.

We know that bullying destroys self-esteem – which leads to more bullying. It’s a vicious cycle.

We understand you want to step in but fear you’ll make it worse – which will stop them from coming to you.

That’s why we’re bringing you this presentation.

Sabina & Travis are Canada’s foremost experts on healthy peer to peer relationships. They’ve delivered their workshops to more than 60,000 school kids from grades 5 through 12.

Teachers and coaches have worked with them for over 20 years to understand and help kids with their often rocky and confusing social lives.

The results of their workshops have been:

  • lower levels of bullying in schools and friend groups

  • increased self-worth and confidence in kids

Now, for the first time ever, this information is being made available for parents.


Sabina and Travis have combined 20 years’ worth of workshops and expertise – on kids, teachers, school dynamics, and social relationships – into a workshop just for you.

Let Sabina and Travis show you exactly how, as a parent, you can play the key role in improving your kids’ experiences at school and with friends and peers. A healthier and happier child is at your fingertips.

Kids with confidence make better social choices.  Register now so you can stop watching them hurt, and can instead have the confidence to know exactly how to help.

Your Next Steps Are Simple:
1. Register Now
2. Attend & Learn Live Online
on January 31st
3. Use Your New Strategies and Watch Your Kid’s Self-Esteem & Confidence Grow

What Other Parents Are Saying …

This will help me create healthy relationships in all aspects of my child's life

I learned about the less obvious bullying (social) and the behaviours that we can look for to tell it might be happening

This program has great instructors and gave me a lot of helpful information

Bullying Is Uglier Than You Think …

Bullying is not just physical intimidation, or what you see in movies.  

Bullying is invasive and sometimes invisible.  It’s often dismissed as teasing, but the impacts on self-esteem are severe. 

Bullying can happen between best friends.   This can confuse kids and make them accept harm as a natural part of a friendship.  When kids don’t see that what is happening is bullying, the damage can be greater and even harder to undo.

This interactive workshop isn’t your standard healthy relationship or anti-bullying one. It covers way more than helping your kid cope or knowing what good friendships look like. At this stage, social relationships are CRUCIAL to setting kids up for future success.

You’ll dive deep into:

  • Exactly what your kid is experiencing (even the things they won’t tell you)

  • How they are making sense of it all

  • And, why they are making the social decisions that they are

You’ll also discover:

  • How to help them build these solid foundations

  • And how you play a crucial role in steering them towards increased trust, self-worth, and social wellbeing


Rates of bullying in Canada are HIGHER than 66% of the rest of the world

Does This Sound Familiar?
  • Your kid seems drawn to unhealthy friendships
  • They’re shutting you out when you try to help
  • You see their friends/frenemies treat them poorly and can’t get through to them on why they deserve better
  • Their friendships are one drama after the next
  • They keep hanging out with people who hurt them
  • You’re watching them withdrawing or struggling socially
  • You’re starting to see mental health concerns and are worried it could be because of their social experiences
  • You see them so badly wanting to fit in that they’ll do anything to make it happen
  • You’re worried they’ll never love or believe in themselves enough to realize they deserve better

You’re not alone.  Join us live on January 31st.

4pm PST  |  5pm MST  |  6pm CST  |  7pm EST  |  8pm AST

Why Do You Need This?
  • The foundations of healthy relationships start at home
  • What’s taught at school needs to be reinforced at home or else the effects don’t stick
  • Your relationship with your kid is unique so you need tailored strategies to help them
  • Because you want the chance to directly ask experts how to handle what’s going on with your kid

What you’ll learn …
  • The exact red flags that may signal an unhealthy relationship is emerging or affecting your kid
  • When to step in & how to do it so you don’t make it worse or embarrass them
  • When to let your kids handle a situation on their own (and what tools and strategies to give them) 
  • How to teach your kid to communicate assertively and with confidence so they can handle things on their own
  • How to help them with emotional regulation so they can navigate tough relationships, and seek out healthy ones
  • How to advocate for your kid when what they’re doing isn’t working – in a way that’s productive and makes you feel listened to
  • How to work with their teachers and the education system with confidence when you do need to intervene
  • How to ensure they develop a healthy relationship with themselves that will give them the strength to build and maintain healthy relationships throughout their life

PLUS:  Learn the proven & effective action steps to best support tweens and teens on the edge

This workshop won’t happen again until next school year.
Can you wait that long?
Can your kids?

Register Now for $69 - Space is Limited


Sorry, this live event is over... but you can still purchase the recording

Live on January 31st

4pm PST  |  5pm MST  |  6pm CST  |  7pm EST  |  8pm AST

So, Who Are Sabina & Travis?

Sabina and Travis have taught leading-edge anti-bullying strategies to more than 60,000 kids over the last 20 years. 

That’s 60,000 kids (and counting!) that are reporting stronger relationships and better social wellbeing.  Is your kid next?


Research shows that healthy relationships actually increase overall health. Travis and Sabina’s exclusive program has proven time and again to be effective – and to have long-lasting effects on the kids they work with.


They teach these critical skills starting at grade 5 and right through high school. And now, these skills are available for you to use right at home – where it matters most.

They’ll help you identify where your kid is at in their social development so you can work with them where they are RIGHT NOW – no cookie cutter solutions here!

Kids Confide in Them …

Have you ever suspected something more was going on and wondered what your kid isn’t saying?  Kids have opened up to Sabina and Travis for years about the stuff they aren’t telling you or their teachers. In this workshop, they’re going to share all of it it with you.

They’re going to tell you when you need to advocate for your kid – and how – and when you need to step back and let them work through it on their own.

Speaking up is hard for kids. But it’s also hard for parents. Do you ever feel like you aren’t listened to or taken seriously when you do raise a concern?

Travis and Sabina know school systems and how they’re set up. They are going to help you navigate the system with confidence when your kid is in a situation where you need to step in.

They also know teachers, and how they feel and respond when a parent comes in.  Let them show you how to bring up concerns so you feel heard, and how you can work together toward a resolution that genuinely makes things better for your kid.

This workshop has never been widely offered to parents … UNTIL RIGHT NOW. 
If you’ve ever worried about your kid’s peer relationships, you can’t afford to miss it.  

Live on January 31st

4pm PST  |  5pm MST  |  6pm CST  |  7pm EST  |  8pm AST

From Kids Who Have Taken The Program …

I have learned to LOVE myself more than I did at the start of this program

I had so much fun here and felt comfortable to share and be myself

Everyone was so nice and it was a good place for me to come. I wish I could do this more often

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make it live?

You’ll have access to a recording of the entire session.  The video will be uploaded within 48 hours of the workshop ending.

Can I ask questions anonymously during the workshop?

Yes.  The chat will be open and you’ll be able to send private messages to the moderator who can ask them on your behalf.

How long will the recording be available for?

You’ll have unlimited access to view the recording once you’re logged into your profile on

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