Conflict Navigation Training

A Live Online Workshop for Leaders, Employees, and Teams

We All Dread Tough Conversations

Ready to navigate them confidently?

We All Dread Tough


Ready to navigate them confidently?

Everyone is emotionally overwhelmed and it's leading to increased conflict and tension. Research shows employees lose an average of 2 hours a week in productivity due to miscommunication and conflict. And we know emotional regulation is the cornerstone of productive conversations. 

  • Do conflicts at work seem to be popping up where they never did before?
  • Does it feel like issues just never seem to go away or get resolved?
  • Do you find it tough to manage your emotions (or theirs) during hard conversations?

Attend this live online workshop to learn how to deal with conflicts and difficult conversations effectively - while maintaining your mental and emotional wellbeing in the process.

Tuesday, February 20th 
1:00pm - 4:30pm EST

Only $349

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You missed out!

Event Details

 Tuesday, February 20th

1:00pm - 4:30pm EST

An interactive training:
→  3.5 hours
→   Live, instructor-led on Zoom  

Only $349

What You'll Leave With

  • Simple ways to reduce confrontation and escalation
  • A road map for navigating conflict through conversation
  • 5 keys to dealing with difficult people 
  • Strategies to recognize your own “emotional temperature” and escalation pattern
  • A personalized toolbox to help you re-regulate no matter the situation

Is workplace conflict keeping you up at night?

Most people feel anxious about going into a difficult conversation. We worry we'll be misunderstood, that tension will bubble up, and that we won't be able to assert ourselves.

And sometimes the other party simply doesn’t want to partake in healthy dialogue. We get sidetracked and steamrolled, and the conversation sucks the energy out of us. In the end neither person accomplishes anything. We leave feeling frazzled, confused and bruised

It's no wonder the thought of difficult conversations can spike our stress levels and keep us up at nightWhen team dynamics leave us feeling worse off and more tense than before, we enter a downward spiral that picks up speed with every interaction. Teams get stuck in a hamster wheel of frayed nerves and blame-shifting that makes working together hard or even impossible.

Turning a confrontation into a respectful conversation is more than using “I feel” statements. And memorizing “scripts” can sound robotic and come across as ingenuine.

We need to connect to our core needs and express them in a way that leaves us feeling respected - not just sounding professional. And we need to learn how to let others do the same.

When we tell someone to change their demeanor to improve team dynamics, we often overlook what's causing their behaviour. As a result, many people tune out as a way to cope with the overwhelm and discomfort of rising tension.

Learning to self-regulate when emotions build helps us stay present during hard conversations. And the ability to listen and express ourselves - without becoming defensive - is the foundation of resolving conflict.

When teams get this right, they work better together. And the mental and emotional wellbeing of team members is supported.

That’s why we’re bringing you this training.

Instructor Charmaine Hammond has trained over half a million people on conflict navigation and related topics. Her workshops on conflict resolution and emotional regulation have helped countless people navigate tricky conversations and situations - while maintaining and protecting their own mental and emotional wellbeing. 

The results of her workshops have been:

  • marked improvements in coping skills and wellbeing
  • strategies to manage difficult interactions while keeping emotions in check
  • increased connection and effectiveness between team members and leaders
  • a reduction of conflict within teams
Join us on February 20th and come away with the confidence to navigate hard conversations - at work and beyond.
Your Next Steps Are Simple:
1. Register Now
2. Attend & Learn 
Live on February 20th
3. Use Your New Strategies and Feel the Weight Lifted From Your Shoulders

What Past Participants Are Saying …

“Charmaine provided conflict management training to managers at various levels in our organization. She customized her presentation to our specific needs. In addition, she provides concise support material and follow-up as needed. I highly recommend her services"

Tony Hamori, Chief Superintendent,

District Commander, Southern Alberta RCMP

Does This Sound Familiar?
  • You’re noticing colleagues are having more anxiety, depression, impatience, and outbursts 
  • You’re surrounded by struggling, frustrated, and tense colleagues all day long and it’s getting to be too much
  • You feel like you're supposed to be holding it all together but you’re coming apart at the seams
  • It feels like everyone's walking on eggshells and conflict could arise at any moment
  • You're never sure what's going to set someone off
  • You know the importance of managing your emotions but it's getting harder to do
  • You’re mourning the loss of what work used to feel like - and the fulfillment it used to bring you
  • Old conflicts continue to simmer and never seem to get resolved
  • You don't feel safe speaking up or expressing yourself and you're on the edge of shutting down

You’re not alone.  Join us live on February 20th.

1:00 - 4:30pm EST

Why Do You Need This?
  • Employees lose an average of 2 hours a week in productivity due to miscommunication and conflict
  • Conflict and tension in the workplace leads to increased absenteeism and mental health leave
  • Most leaders and employees have fewer than 4 hours training in communication and conflict resolution. Yet they spend a lot of time dealing with - and losing sleep over - exactly these issues.
  • Poor emotional regulation is the foundation of most conflict and tension at work
  • Everyone is feeling more overloaded and stressed - and emotional regulation is getting harder to maintain

What you’ll learn …
  • What makes communication go sideways (and how to catch it early to get communication back on track)
  • The most effective ways to manage drama and emotion that often comes with disagreement, miscommunication and conflict
  • Why people are more reactive when we’re more stressed
  • A step-by-step guide to navigating difficult conversations - from preparation to after-care
  • How to stay present and grounded in a difficult conversation 
  • How follow up rebuilds trust and team dynamics
  • How to figure out exactly what you need to regulate your own emotions
  • Learn about your emotional iceberg and what behaviour communicates about what we need
  • Your own escalation & behaviour patterns – and how it’s impacting others
  • A clear understanding of the connection between workplace tension and burnout

PLUS:  Recognizing your own triggers so you can set emotional boundaries before you snap

Won’t it be amazing … 
  • To have a plan to pause and reverse course when things are spiraling out of control
  • To be able to deal with difficult emotions, people, and situations without caving in or shutting down
  • To feel relieved after talking with colleagues - instead of more stressed
  • To feel confident in any interaction
  • To feel safe speaking up without being worried about backlash 
  • To know your points and perspectives will be heard, understood, and respected
This workshop won’t happen again until next year.
Can you wait that long?
Can your team?

Register Now for $349 - Space is Limited


Sorry, this live event is over... but you can still purchase the recording

Live online - February 20th

1:00pm - 4:30pm EST

So, who are your instructors?

Charmaine Hammond, MA, CSP

Charmaine holds a Masters Degree in Conflict Analysis & Management and a Certificate in Conflict Resolution and was a Chartered Mediator for ten years. During that time, she mediated hundreds of workplace conflicts to outcomes that included: saving organizations/corporations thousands and thousands of dollars in legal and investigation fees, repaired workplace relationships, and reduced sick days & stress leaves.

She has extensive background mediating disputes and training conflict resolution skills in the oil and gas, and construction industries, as well as for all levels of policing, fire departments, and national defense.

Charmaine has worked with hundreds of businesses, organizations, government departments, conference events, and non-profit organizations in Canada leading strategic planning sessions, board and staff development sessions, creating programs and conducting assessments, training and mentoring, and facilitating collaboration and conflict resolution processes.

During her time as a college and university instructor, she developed courses in teamwork, communication, conflict resolution, violence prevention, mediation, ethics, and leadership.

Kimberly Van Ryn, BA

Kimberly Van Ryn holds a BA in Human Services and a post grad in Trauma Informed Care and Counselling. Kim is also a yoga and meditation teacher with a specialization in Trauma Informed Yoga and embodied practices for people with neurodiversity.

She has over 20 years experience in the human services field in a variety of frontline, therapeutic and administrative roles. Beginning in the foster care and adoption sector, Kim worked extensively with traumatized children in a play therapy setting. Following this work she applied her skills with people who have developmental/physical disabilities and neurodiversity. Bridging these two populations was a trauma-informed lens that has been Kim's most impactful and wholistic toolbox to date.

Kim is the founder of Branching Out Support Services, a community development organization serving people with neurodiversities and their chosen families. Kim also holds a teaching position for Conestoga College in their Liberal Arts program facilitating the Human Sexuality course. 

This workshop will give you strategies you can use RIGHT NOW. 
If you’re stressed and overwhelmed with conflict and tension at work, you can’t afford to miss it.  

Live on February 20th

1:00pm - 4:30pm EST

If you attend the training and are not satisfied, we will refund 100% of your registration cost. No questions asked.

So, with the risk removed, we look forward to seeing you there!

What Past Participants Are Saying …

"Charmaine delivered an online workshop for our community of women leaders on conflict resolution. It was an incredibly valuable presentation on the hot topic and what I really loved about her delivery, was her authenticity. She is a storyteller and made the material very relate-able and interesting!”

Heather Odendaal,

Wnorth Women Leadership Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask questions anonymously during the workshop?

Yes.  The chat will be open and you’ll be able to send private messages to the moderator who can ask them on your behalf.  

Will this session be recorded?

No. Because this training's effectiveness comes partly from it's high interactivity, and to guarantee privacy and confidentiality to participants, the session will not be recorded.  Recording apps/platforms/devices are not permitted unless user has been granted express written permission from The Expert Talk.


What is the cancellation & refund policy?

Because space is limited in both the virtual and the in-person formats, there are no withdrawals - including "no shows" - permitted. Full fee applies once registered.

An exception to this policy applies if the training is cancelled by The Expert Talk for unforeseen circumstances, and can't be rescheduled. In that case, a full refund will be applied.

If you register to attend in-person but are unable to do so for any reason, the link to join the training online will provided.


What's the satisfaction guarantee?

If you attend the training virtually or in-person and are not satisfied with any of the content, we will refund your registration cost. No questions asked.


Have more questions?

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