Complicated Grief Workshop

A Live Online Workshop for People Raising or Working With Teens & Tweens

Your kid is grieving a loss

But do you realize you are too?

When we’re in the thick of taking care of others, it’s easy to lose ourselves in the chaos.  We think, “if I can just fix their problem, everything will be back to normal”.  But it never works that way.

  • Are they so easily set off lately that you’re constantly on eggshells?
  • Do you feel like you’re about to go over the edge?

Attend this live online workshop to learn about the hidden grief in your kid’s life, the hidden grief in your own, and how you can support them without burning out.

Wednesday, April 6th

4pm PST  |  5pm MST  |  6pm CST  |  7pm EST  |  8pm AST

Only $69

Space is limited


Sorry, this event is over... but you can still purchase the recording

Event Details

Wednesday, April 6th

4pm PST | 5pm MST | 6pm CST | 7pm EST | 8pm AST

An interactive workshop:
→  90 minutes live on zoom
→   Q&A with our expert
→   Lifetime access to recording of the session 

Only $69

What You'll Leave With

  • A clear understanding of the heavy load your kid is carrying
  • Effective strategies to help support them in lightening their load
  • A sense of permission that you are allowed to put yourself first – no guilt required
  • Knowledge of when to prioritize your needs vs theirs
  • Easy-to-implement strategies to repair your own emotional exhaustion
  • Relief – for both of you

How do you deal when everyone is struggling?

As humans, we have “scripts” for how to deal with, or help others through, grief.  We know what to do when someone loses a loved one, is diagnosed with illness, or suffers a relationship breakup.  But what we don’t know about is ambiguous grief. This is the kind of grief that doesn’t have defined edges – and so often goes unrecognized.


In the last two years, kids have missed out on social opportunities. School has been on and off. Their parents and friends have struggled. And the world that used to feel safe and predictable … isn’t anymore.

What kids are feeling from all this – ambiguous grief – isn’t recognized because it’s not about a clear cut loss. And so they don’t cope with it like grief. Instead, they develop mental and emotional health concerns that result in more behavioural issues.


Now, as parents and the people who work with them we’re struggling with it too. We grieve for them and for what they’ve lost, and it makes us feel helpless. But because we don’t recognize the grief in ourselves, we try to push through it … and become burned out.  This is on top of the exhaustion from managing their moods and mental health – we haven’t even stopped to check in on ourselves.

This is compassion fatigue. It’s a special type of burnout that goes beyond being stressed or busy. It’s the burnout that comes from helping others with their emotions – using our own emotional resources. And if we don’t replenish those resources we become depleted.

And if we don’t resolve our own grief, all the bubble baths, pedicures, and other things sold to us as “self-care” aren’t going to do a thing.  We need to actually resolve the physiological stress our bodies are holding before illness completely knocks us down.

That’s why we’re bringing you this workshop.


Kim is one of Canada’s most sought-after experts in grief, loss, and trauma. Her workshops have helped countless kids and the adults in their lives to resolve the stresses they didn’t even know they were carrying. 

The results of her workshops have been:

  • marked improvements in coping skills and wellbeing

  • strategies to manage not jus triggers of stress, but the physical stress itself

  • increased connection between kids and the adults in their lives

  • a sense of freedom from the weight you’ve both been carrying

Join us on April 6th and come away with the confidence that you’re both going to be okay.

Register now so you can stop watching them hurt, and can instead have the confidence to know exactly how to help.

Your Next Steps Are Simple:
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2. Attend & Learn 
Live Online on April 6th
3. Use Your New Strategies and Feel the Weight Lifted From Your Shoulders

What Other Parents Are Saying …

I just wanted to extend a thank you for the amazing workshop. I learned so much, and I just wanted to let you know that your passion for this work is so contagious.
- Janikka M

Your kid’s grief is more complicated than you think …

The pandemic will have mental health consequences on an entire generation of kids for years to come – effects we haven’t even thought of yet.

Kids are dealing with overwhelm, health anxiety, and general uncertainty.  They’re struggling with lockdowns, constant change, and are missing out on social opportunities.

As such, teens and tweens are experiencing what experts call “ambiguous” grief and loss – a type of loss that’s hard for them to make sense of.  All this on top of other concerns like loneliness, isolation, anxiety and depression.

This upheaval has a psychological impact

When identity development stalls, their behaviour changes – outbursts, attitude, backtalk & meltdowns all become more frequent and intense. 

This can be such a dramatic swing that they may not even seem like the same kid you’ve always known.

This interactive workshop covers way more than helping your kid cope or make it through pandemic isolation.  At this stage, social experiences are CRUCIAL to you kid’s successful identity development.  Bandaid advice like, “practice more self-care” isn’t the solution for either of you. 

You’ll dive deep into:

  • Exactly what your kid is experiencing (even the things they won’t tell you)

  • How they are making sense of it all

  • And, why they’re acting out the way they are

You’ll also discover:

  • How to help them heal their grief so it doesn’t affect the rest of their lives

  • And how your own burnout, overwhelm, and grief is impacting your ability to be there for them

Parents/caregivers report moderate to high concern for their kids:
(McMaster University, 2020;

Managing their kids’ behaviour

Current Progress
Current Progress

Managing kids’ anxiety and stress

Current Progress
Current Progress

Managing household routines, activities & meals

Current Progress
Current Progress

Extreme concern for kids’ loneliness or social isolation

Current Progress
Current Progress
Does This Sound Familiar?
  • You’re noticing the kids in your life are having more breakdowns, anxiety, depression, attitude, and outbursts 
  • You’re surrounded by struggling, sad, unhappy kids all day long and it’s getting to be too much
  • You’re supposed to be the one holding it all together but you’re coming apart at the seams
  • As a parent, you didn’t sign up to be a full-time teacher
  • As a teacher, counselor or coach, you didn’t sign up to be a mental health counselor
  • You know the importance of self-care but there just aren’t enough hours in the day
  • You’re mourning the loss of what you thought your life was going to look like
  • You’re noticing your kids are exhausted and overwhelmed too – but you don’t have enough energy left to help
  • You’re constantly told to put kids first, but you’re starting to question how much longer you can
  • You feel like you’re sinking, there’s no escape, or you’re barely making it through the day by just putting one foot in front of the other

You’re not alone.  Join us live on April 6th.

4pm PST  |  5pm MST  |  6pm CST  |  7pm EST  |  8pm AST

Why Do You Need This?
  • When burnout is ignored it has long-lasting health consequences
  • When you don’t take care of yourself, the kids in your life learn they can’t depend on you to take care of them
  • Understanding how your kid’s grief is at the root of their attitude will help you work together to get outbursts under control
  • Because your kid is struggling with what’s called complicated grief and they don’t have the skills to cope with it alone
  • Because 57% of parents/caregivers meet the criteria for depression (McMaster, 2020)

What you’ll learn …
  • Where your kid’s behaviour is coming from, and why things have been more tense lately
  • Signs and symptoms that your kid is grieving a loss
  • Things your kid is grieving – that you haven’t thought of – and how it’s affecting their mental health
  • How your kid’s identity development is suffering because of the pandemic
  • How you can help get them back on track
  • Signs and symptoms that you are experiencing emotional burnout

  • The difference between practical boundaries and emotional boundaries
  • Recognizing your own triggers so you can set emotional boundaries before you snap
  • What compassion fatigue is and how it’s affecting every area of your life – from work to relationships to physical wellbeing
  • The dangers of long-term empathy overload – and what you need to do NOW to avoid it

PLUS:  Learn the proven & effective action steps to best support tweens and teens on the edge

Won’t it be amazing … 
  • To feel like you’re living again – not just operating on autopilot
  • To have relief from your exhaustion
  • To know you’re back in control of your life
  • To feel like your kid is going to be okay
  • To know when and how to prioritize yourself over your kid – guilt-free
This workshop won’t happen again until 2023.
Can you wait that long?
Can your kids?

Register Now for $69 - Space is Limited


Sorry, this live event is over... but you can still purchase the recording

Live on April 6th

4pm PST  |  5pm MST  |  6pm CST  |  7pm EST  |  8pm AST

So, Who Is Kim?

Kim is a Registered Social Worker and has been in practice for over 25 years.

Her experience has led her to become a sought-after presenter and workshop trainer with a focus on Mental Health, Grief & Loss, and Conflict Resolutions, for individuals to corporations across Canada.


Over the years, Kim has been invited to teach a variety of workshops including Mental Health First Aid (with a focus on youth), Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), and CPI Nonviolent Crisis Intervention. 


As an entrepreneur, Kim showcases her broad spectrum of expertise in Leadership, Phase-of-life changes (grief and loss), Trauma-informed care, and her workshops apply evidence-based learning to an interactive group environment to create a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience, virtually and in-person.

As a facilitator, she understands our common goals, whether she is facilitating a program for children ages 5-16 who have experienced grief and loss, or the parents and professionals who support them.

This workshop will give you strategies you can use RIGHT NOW. 
If you’re worried about your kids – and your capacity to help them – you can’t afford to miss it.  

Live on April 6th

4pm PST  |  5pm MST  |  6pm CST  |  7pm EST  |  8pm AST

What Other Parents Are Saying …

My takeaway from this course was my girls were able to talk more on their sadness at home. Thanks also for the support group for us as parents the best part was, I did not feel alone since others were experiencing loss also. It made the world a difference to me and my family
- Jill T

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make it live?

You’ll have access to a recording of the entire session.  The video will be uploaded within 48 hours of the workshop ending.

Can I ask questions anonymously during the workshop?

Yes.  The chat will be open and you’ll be able to send private messages to the moderator who can ask them on your behalf.

How long will the recording be available for?

You’ll have unlimited access to view the recording once you’re logged into your profile on

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