Mental Health 101 For Parents

90-min live session

Young people who have more supportive adult networks have better mental health outcomes. 

For that reason, we developed this interactive session for the parents of the youth or young people you work with – so that everyone’s speaking the same language when a mental health concern arises.

A mental health educator will deliver a 45-60 minute presentation on what parents need to know about mental health in young people, and will then open the floor for Q&A from participants.

Note – this session is geared toward parents of youth aged 12-18.

This training covers:

History’s first “constantly connected” generation differ in key ways from the Millennials who came before them. Their values and worldview are unique so understanding how they experience the world is crucial in connecting with them.

Adolescents differ from adults in the ways they behave, solve problems, and make decisions – a lot of it based on basic brain biology and stages of development.

“Mental health” and “mental illness” are often used as if they mean the same thing, but they do not. Understanding how they differ, and learning the role that stigma plays in receptivity to seeking and accepting help is key to supporting the mental health of young people.

It can be hard to decide if a new behaviour is a sign of normal adolescent development, or the emergence of a mental health problem.  This section will give parents some insight into what you’ve learned to look for in Mental Health First Aid.

General resources will be discussed, as will communication best practices for connecting with young people.

Now in their 20s, a co-presenter will share their experience with mental health/illness and stigma during childhood, adolescence and into adult life. Co-presenters with lived experience can answer parent questions on how to best support the young people in their lives.

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