Supporting a Friend’s Mental Health

For ages 13+

When teens face challenges with their mental health, who do they often turn to first?  Their friends.

Although it’s never been so important to learn how to help in this situation, providing support for a friend can take a toll on them, and we don’t want them becoming their friend’s therapist.

Help them strike a balance and maintain their own mental wellness with this interactive session.

This training covers:

Helping people who are struggling can quickly become an emotionally and time-consuming endeavour, at any age. Learning how to set and maintain healthy, yet compassionate, boundaries is crucial to maintaining our own mental wellness. It also ensures we are able to offer the best support we can to those we care about. Learning skills to maintain healthy boundaries in adolescence will have long lasting effects into adulthood.

We want to make sure our kids know how to regulate their own emotions before they attempt to support their friends in difficult times.  This section of the session will teach strategies to regulate their own emotions during stressful moments with friends.

You already know that listening non-judgmentally is one of the keys to Mental Health First Aid.  Interactive activities will help teens feel more confident in listening non-judgmentally.

Friends often become the cornerstone of support during teen years.  While this is part of normal development, mental health problems can require help beyond what teens can offer.  While no one wants to get a friend “in trouble” or to betray their confidence, knowing when a parent or other adult needs to step in is critical.

Online resources that friends can pass on and encourage will be given.

Kids who may be struggling themselves find this session especially helpful as they can ask questions that may be about themselves under the guise of “asking for a friend”.

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Option 2:  Book Supporting a Friend’s Mental Health and Mental Health 101 For Parents, and have us create your Mental Health Policy and Resource Toolkit and save $1,000.

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