A Live Online Workshop for People Struggling With Motivation

Lack of motivation making you feel like a failure?

The problem isn't you ...

Most of us have huge lists of goals - professional, personal, parenting, health-wise ...   We think, “if I can just dig deep enough, I'll should be able to achieve them all”.  But it rarely works that way.

  • Do you know what you need to do but can't seem to follow through on getting it done?
  • Have you had a list of unaccomplished goals for weeks? Months? Years?
  • Are your kids constantly bored, apathetic, or unmotivated?

Attend this live online workshop to learn about why the ways you've been taught to motivate yourself aren't often useful, why it's so hard to stick to your goals, and how to set yourself up for success in a way that'll actually work for you.

Thursday, October 27th

4pm PST  |  5pm MST  |  6pm CST  |  7pm EST  |  8pm AST

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Sorry, this event is over... but you can still purchase the recording

Event Details

Thursday, October 27th

4pm PST | 5pm MST | 6pm CST | 7pm EST | 8pm AST

An interactive workshop:
→  2 hours live on zoom
→   Q&A with our expert
→   Lifetime access to recording of the session 

$49 Register Now for FREE

What You'll Leave With

  • A clear understanding of how motivation actually works
  • How social media's depiction of motivation is inaccurate and unhelpful
  • All of the reasons motivation gets decreased - it's not a personal failing
  • How to cultivate motivation through environments, thoughts & behaviours
  • How to teach motivational skills to kids
  • How to plan for, accept, and move on from failure

Is lack of motivation making you feel like a failure?

They’re everywhere we look: seemingly hyper-motivated people who spend every moment pursing goals and feeling euphoric. They brag about it at parties. They show up to everything in nice, new clothes. They’re on Instagram sweating perfectly on top of a mountain, talking about the book that changed their life, and telling us we can do it too if we just want it enough.

Who are these people? Do you ever wonder, "why can't I get it together like they can?"

The world places a lot demands on us: social conformity; legal obligations; and our chosen responsibilities. On top of that, we're told from every angle that we should be driven to pursue new and greater heights - personally, professionally, financially, and in relationships.

We're told to manifest by journaling, setting goals, making vision boards, and repeating positive affirmations.  It's loud and clear that if we just start, put one foot in front of the other, hustle & grind, and never deviate from the plan then we can't not be successful.

But the reality is: a lot of this pressure is nothing but noise.

Life happens.  And it brings curveballs that don't care about our carefully laid plans and the paths we're on.  Sometimes they're changes we undertake ourselves, and sometimes we're forced to adapt to things we never anticipated.

So how do you figure out where you really want to go, and then get started on what you actually care about, but can’t find the energy for? Even more, how do you help your kids find what they care about and help them get going on it? While you’re spending time trying to figure out how to start, the guilt and shame builds up making it even harder to take the first steps.

We spend a lot of time waiting to feel motivated. But motivation doesn’t come from out of the blue. And if it does, it doesn’t last long.

More often than not, we mentally kick & berate ourselves into action, and then succeed for juuuust long enough to feel like it's a personal failing when we inevitably can't keep it up.  Then the shame and guilt gets piled on even higher until we bully ourselves into starting again.  Rinse and repeat.

Exhausted yet?

Even worse, the kids in your life are bound to repeat the cycle if they're being exposed to the same social media pressure, and, "just suck it up and do it" messages from the adults in their lives.

And are either of you ever taking time to rest - without guilt and shame - to recover from this exhaustion?

That’s why we’re bringing you this workshop.

In this session, you'll learn why our concept of motivation leads to so much frustration, and you'll discover a more helpful way to think about moving forward.

We’ll make starting even simpler. We’ll find how it can matter again. We’ll get rid of endless goal lists and vision boards, and focus on what is feels doable, good, and right. Then we'll find a way to celebrate and rest again.

And we’ll look at how you can help your kids do the same.

What if you could spend time thinking about how to move toward what matters to you or your kids? What if your day could include a series of small, meaningful steps? And what if those steps happened not from guilt or shame, but from excitement and meaning?

Forget the impossible-to-maintain life changes. Forget the idealized Instagram fitness models. Forget the foggy fatigue. Forget the self-bullying.

It's time to work toward what matters to you. And to make it doable.

Register now so you can stop feeling like your lack of motivation is the problem, and so you can confidently step into the direction you choose.

Your Next Steps Are Simple:
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Live Online on October 27th
3. Use Your New Strategies and See Yours and Your Kids' Goals Come to Life
Only 8% of people achieve their goals ... 

New Year's: the time when the world's net motivation level is at it's highest. Yet, according to the University of Scranton (2017), only 8% of people achieve the New Year's goals they set for themselves.  

We know this, yet in the lead-up to the season we're hit with blog after article after podcast preaching the "Seven Secrets of the 8%", or, "Five Easy Hacks to Finally Hitting Your Goals".  

One person endorses SMART goals.  Another BHAGs.  There are also SMARRT, SMARTER, SMARTAA, I-SMART, CLEAR, ABC, and PURE goals.

It's relentless.  And they all sound so simple that clearly the only thing to blame for a lack of success is your own weak motivation, right?  

Truth is, if you're part of the 92% who struggle to meet their goals, the problem isn't you. It's the way you've been taught to understand motivation - and where it comes from and how you're supposed to keep it alive.  

Great for the 8% that works for, but the rest of us need a new & better way. And a serious release from the shame and guilt we feel when we can't "get it together".

This interactive workshop covers way more than repackaged tips and tricks to finally uncover your hidden motivation (eyeroll).  It's time to get out from under an endless pile of goals, and to discover a better way to find happiness. 

You’ll dive deep into:

  • How motivation actually works
  • The negative impacts social media is having on you and on the kids in your life
  • Motivational tactics you don't even realize you're using that are harming you and your kids 

You’ll also discover:

  • New ways to think about achieving what you want
  •  Real and effective ways to take the first steps in any direction

Motivation in young people drops drastically during the school years
(Hattie, Hodis, & Kang, 2020)

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
95% of 5-year-olds are motivated attend school and learn
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Only 37% of grade 9 students are motivated to attend school and learn
Does This Sound Familiar?
  • You feel like you're collapsing under the weight of all the goals you've been told you need to write down - and like you'll never accomplish any of them
  • It looks like everyone else has it all together and you can't see how you'll ever be able to compare
  • Starting any new task or project feels like climbing a mountain
  • You feel guilty for resting or doing something you actually enjoy when there's so much else that has to be done
  • You're not even sure what you want or how to get it if you do
  • You’re noticing the kids in your life seem less excited about the things they used to enjoy
  • You're seeing them spending more time zoned out and complacent/bored
  • It's still early in the school year and they're already falling behind
  • Getting them to sports and activities is becoming a battle
  • If you hear, "I don't know" or, "I don't care" one more time, you feel like you're going to scream
  • As a teacher or coach, working with them feels like you're dragging them from one thing to the next
  • You're starting to feel like you want it more for them than they want it for themselves, and you wonder why you even bother

You’re not alone.  Join us live on October 27th.

4pm PST  |  5pm MST  |  6pm CST  |  7pm EST  |  8pm AST

Why Do You Need This?
  • The longer we feel unmotivated, the more impossible it can feel to get back on track
  • When you don't feel motivated in one area of your life, it spills over into everything else
  • When we don't have effective ways to motivate, we often default to bullying, coercing or punishing into getting things done
  • Social media influencers sell us the false message that we just need to hustle & grind to have it all - and kids are especially susceptible to these unrealistic pressures
  • When kids experience a lack of meaning, the consequences can affect relationships, school, and physical and emotional health

What you’ll learn …
  • A more useful definition of motivation
  • Factors outside of yourself - that you haven't thought of - that are affecting your motivation
  • How to move from an endless list of goals in every area of your life, to focusing on the direction that matters to you
  • Why autonomy is key to satisfaction 
  • How to make sure the conversations you have with kids actually motivate them instead of backfire
  • How to guide young people rather than direct them
  • How to deal with - and move on from - burnout, failure, and disappointment
  • The negative consequences of strong-arming yourself - or the kids in your life - into motivation
  • Why it's okay if "SMART" goals - or other trendy motivation tactics - just don't work for you
  • How to discover and use what you already have to adapt to both changes you're choosing to make, and those that are unexpected 
  • How to help kids develop these same skills, and outlook

PLUS:  Learn effective strategies to making the first steps as easy and manageable as possible

Won’t it be amazing … 
  • To feel like you're making progress
  • To feel like your actions and effort matter
  • To see your kids be excited and energetic again
  • To be able to move on from failure without losing sleep over it
  • To be gentle and compassionate with yourself - and the kids in your life - without sacrificing momentum
This workshop won’t happen again until next year.
Can you wait that long?
Can the kids in your life?

$49 Register Now for FREE - Space is Limited


Sorry, this live event is over... but you can still purchase the recording

Live on October 27th

4pm PST  |  5pm MST  |  6pm CST  |  7pm EST  |  8pm AST

So, Who Is Drew?

Drew McClure (he/him) is a registered counselling therapist-candidate (RCT-C) and the owner of Red Fox Counselling, an online counselling therapy service. He completed his Masters of Counselling at City University in Vancouver, BC. During his graduate work, Drew focused on gender, body image, and response-based therapy.

Prior to becoming an RCT-C, Drew coached competitive swimming for provincial and national level athletes. During his tenure, he emphasized long-term development, resiliency, and autonomy. Drew also mentored junior coaches and promoted technically and ethically sound coaching principles.

Drew lives in Halifax with his partner and son. He can often be found in his woodshop or the jiu jitsu academy.

This workshop will give you strategies you can use RIGHT NOW. 
If you or your kids are feeling stuck ... you can’t afford to miss it.  

Live on October 27th

4pm PST  |  5pm MST  |  6pm CST  |  7pm EST  |  8pm AST

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make it live?

You’ll have access to a recording of the entire session.  The video will be uploaded within 48 hours of the workshop ending.

Can I ask questions anonymously during the workshop?

Yes.  The chat will be open and you’ll be able to send private messages to the moderator who can ask them on your behalf.

How long will the recording be available for?

You’ll have unlimited access to view the recording once you’re logged into your profile on TheExpertTalk.com

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