A Live Online Workshop for Your Young Camp Staff

Kids Have Had A Tough Two Years

Are your young staff prepared?

Your young camp staff are in a unique position – they’re both an authority figure for their campers, but also still young people themselves who need mental and emotional support through the summer and beyond.

  • Do they try their best to support those around them but sometimes get in over their heads?
  • Do you worry they may try to take on too much and not know when to bring in another trusted adult or professional?

Attend this live online workshop with them so they can learn how they can support the mental health of their campers and team members, while making sure it doesn’t affect their own.

Wednesday, June 1st

4pm PST  |  5pm MST  |  6pm CST  |  7pm EST  |  8pm AST

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Sorry, this event is over... but you can still purchase the recording

Event Details

Wednesday, June 1st

4pm PST | 5pm MST | 6pm CST | 7pm EST | 8pm AST

An interactive workshop:
→  90 minutes live on zoom
→   Q&A with our expert
→   Lifetime access to recording of the session 

Only $19 per person

What You'll Leave With

  • A clear understanding of their role in supporting the mental health of their campers & teammates
  • Knowledge of exactly when to bring in a trusted adult or support person
  • Ability to draw clear boundaries so they don’t try to take on too much
  • How to promote positive mental health in the kids they work with
  • Easy-to-implement strategies to improve their own mental health in the camp environment

Are your young staff mentally prepared for the summer?

Since becoming an OCA Preferred Vendor in January, we’ve spoken with a lot of camp directors who have shared their concerns for the upcoming season.

With a lot of brand new staff – many working and/or away from home from the first time – we hear over and over that directors want to make sure their experience is a positive one, and that they feel supported.  

At The Expert Talk we know that you want camp to feel like camp again.  The problem is many of you dealt with more mental health problems last year than you’d anticipated – both in campers and in young staff – and are expecting even more increase this year.  And this is leaving you feeling apprehensive.

We share your belief that summer camp should be one of the best experiences of a young person’s life.  And that, with strong mental health and emotional support, this summer will be no exception.

While many director and leadership teams are taking our Mental Health First Aid course, we understand that you want additional support for your young staff – to help them navigate both their roles as an authority figure for their campers, and as a young person themselves.

We also understand that camp folks love to help and be there for each other – but that this can sometimes lead to taking on more than they can handle.

That’s why we’re hosting this workshop exclusive for OCA members.

Join us on June 1st and come away knowing that you’ve given them concrete tools to support their friends and campers without getting in over their heads.

Register your group now so you can stop worrying about them, and can instead look forward to camp feeling more like camp again.

Your Next Steps Are Simple:
1. Register Your Team Members Now
2. Attend & Learn 
Live Online on June 1st
3. Feel confident that you’re all better-prepared for the summer

From Others Who Have Worked With Heather …

Heather Beaton is a wealth of knowledge, patient and an overall experienced trainer who made the class both engaging and worth taking. I would definitely want to be instructed by Heather again in the future.
- Shane G.

Heather is an amazing instructor. Her knowledge and experience really helped the material come alive for me.
- Angela F.

Does This Sound Familiar?
  • You saw marked increases in mental health concerns in your campers and staff last summer
  • Many of your young staff are unprepared to deal with the anxieties of their campers and teammates 
  • A lot of your staff from previous years are not returning so most will be new to this work and it’s unique challenges
  • You spend a lot of time supporting the relationships and mental health concerns among your staff
  • You feel confident in the mental health supports in place for your campers, but less so for your counsellors
  • You want to empower them to feel comfortable starting mental health conversations with others
  • You want to give them a mental health foundation to start off the summer
  • You want to help reduce the stigma around mental health

You’re not alone.  Join us live on June 1st.

4pm PST  |  5pm MST  |  6pm CST  |  7pm EST  |  8pm AST

Why Do You Both Need This?
  • When they’re equipped with skills at the start of summer, you’ll spend less time dealing with mental health crises later in the season 
  • They’ll feel confident in supporting their teammates, but will know when to reach out for more support
  • They’ll be able to protect their own mental health and wellbeing throughout the summer
  • You know you’re promoting a positive and supportive camp culture and work experience for them
  • Because depression and anxiety symptoms have doubled in adolescents compared to pre-pandemic times (JAMA Pediatrics, 2021)

What they’ll learn …
  • Common mental health challenges among teens and young adults
  • Strategies to regulate big emotions in the midst of stressful situations
  • When they need to reach out for more support or intervention to help a camper or teammate
  • Red flags to watch out for in campers, teammates, and themselves
  • What is their role as a friend/teammate/counsellor when supporting someone’s mental health
  • How to start a mental health conversation with someone they’re concerned about

  • How to stay aware of their own mental health and wellness, and how to reach out for help when they feel it slipping
  • How to set healthy boundaries so they don’t take on more than they can handle
  • Resources to use when they go back home to continue supporting themselves and others
We’re hosting this workshop specifically to meet the demand from OCA members.

Make sure your youngest team members feel prepared for the summer!

OCA Member pricing
Register Now for $19 - Space is Limited


Sorry, this live event is over... but you can still purchase the recording

Live on June 1st

4pm PST  |  5pm MST  |  6pm CST  |  7pm EST  |  8pm AST

So, Who Is Heather?

Heather has worked in youth mental health for more than 17 years – helping kids and their families through some of their toughest times.

She works to spread the message that while we all have a role to play in mental wellness – for ourselves and others – it’s critical that we define what that role looks like.

When kids hit the teen years they start turning more to their friends for support.  And while this leads to a sense of feeling more “grown up”, it can also lead to them getting in over their heads – both in taking on too much themselves, and in not recognizing when a friend needs more support or intervention.  

Defining their role for their campers and team members is what she’s going to help your young staff with.

Heather Knows Camp

How well does she know your business?  Heather ran day camps for 7 years.  She gets the importance of the camp environment in providing positive mental health and leadership experience to young people.  

She’s also worked with many camp teams to deliver Mental Health First Aid training, so she intimately understands the experiences of young staff, and the need they have to understand how to support their friends while living in the special bubble that is camp life.

This workshop will give them a foundation in supporting
their campers & friends – without getting in over their heads.
If you’re worried about your your young staff – and your capacity to help them – don’t miss it!  

Live on June 1st

4pm PST  |  5pm MST  |  6pm CST  |  7pm EST  |  8pm AST

From More Who’ve Worked With Heather …

Heather was an amazing instructor who is very knowledgeable, caring, supportive, encouraging, and helpful. She had a very natural way of keeping the session running smoothly while addressing challenging topics, addressing questions, and encouraging participation.
- Chelsey G.

Heather is a top-level facilitator who made the course interactive and enjoyable.
- Andrew S.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make it live?

You’ll have access to a recording of the entire session.  The video will be uploaded within 48 hours of the workshop ending.

Can I ask questions anonymously during the workshop?

Yes.  The chat will be open and you’ll be able to send private messages to the moderator who can ask them on your behalf.

How long will the recording be available for?

You’ll have unlimited access to view the recording once you’re logged into your profile on TheExpertTalk.com

Have more questions?

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