Mental health support is a business imperative

This upcoming Q1, book Mental Health First Aid training for your team and get a Conflict Resolution workshop (value $7,500) FREE*.

*Minimum number of participants required. See FAQs below for details

Needs Assessment Will Cover:
  • Staff size & demographics
  • Current staff knowledge of & experience with supporting mental health
  • Mental health programs/policies/resources currently in place
  • Any problems/trends/experiences of particular concern (to determine best potential instructor match)

Connecting Workplace Conflict and Mental Health ...

Conflict in the workplace has significant impacts on employee mental health and wellbeing. Workplace disputes cause stress and anxiety, which lead to feelings of isolation, frustration, and even depression. These invisible affects can result in physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches, and difficulty sleeping—all influencing how people show up to work every day.

When conflicts are not properly addressed, they can create a toxic work environment that is detrimental to company culture and the comfort, safety & welfare of teams.

 Prioritizing the mental health of your employees—part of which includes having effective strategies for addressing and resolving workplace conflicts—is a tangible action you can take to demonstrate care for your colleagues and a commitment to fostering positive work environments.

PLUS Exclusive bonuses ($3,626 Value)

The following items will be included to ensure the learnings stick, teams feel supported, and stresses are eased for employees and leaders alike

Conflict Resolution Booster Session

This training is not intended to be a flash in the pan!  30-90 days after your training session with Charmaine, you and your attendees will join Charmaine on a 90-minute private online Q&A Booster Session.  In this call, strategies will be reviewed and applied to new and ongoing challenges,

Value $3,300

Leader as Mediator Training Video

In this training, Charmaine shares strategies and processes to help leaders when they are called into situations where they need to guide and facilitate their staff through difficult situations.

Essential information that can "make or break" a conversation will be covered:

  • How to navigate and handle power imbalances
  • How to engage or re-engage an individual who is not participating
  • Questions to help move the conversation forward
  • How to build a conversation environment of trust, psychological safety and impartiality

This training is the culmination of Charmaine's many years as a corporate and workplace mediator and dispute resolution practitioner.

Value $297

Working Better Together eBook

Working Better Together is a desktop guide for leaders, employees and teams. The book covers practical strategies to navigate difficult conversations, rebuild trust and restore trust.

Value $29

Words to Use and Words to Lose PDF Resource

This is a list of words to use that'll be helpful during difficult conversations, and a set of words to lose (statements and words that escalate emotions, blame and intensify in the conversation). Words matter, not only what you say but how you say them.

your total potential savings



Conflict Resolution Workshop $7,500


Exclusive Bonuses $3,626

From Mental Health First Aid Participants

“Should be a requirement”

“This course was very informational, practical, and enjoyable. I believe it should be a requirement just as the traditional first aid courses are. I will certainly encourage my employees to attend.”

Marie S.

“I feel much more comfortable”

I would recommend this course to absolutely anyone! I learned so much during the two days of the MHFA course, it really opened up my eyes to a lot of things and I feel much more comfortable talking about Mental Health with others now.”

Peter J.

“Has made me more empathetic”

“This course would be appropriate for all people working at the front lines with difficult clients. The knowledge shared has made me more aware and empathetic of people suffering from mental illness.”

June D.

About Conflict Resolution Facilitator, Charmaine

Charmaine Hammond, CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), MA, BA, is a highly sought-after keynote and workshop speaker, best-selling author, and educator who teaches and advocates the importance of developing trust, healthy relationships, and collaboration in the workplace.

Charmaine has trained more than 500,000 people on these skills, has facilitated some of the most complex conversations and dispute resolution processes when she was a mediator and helps teams now apply these skills into team charters that help teams work better together.

Her areas of specialization include: Conflict Resolution, Communication, Workplace Psychological Safety, Resilience, Working Better Together, Leading Through Conflict

Charmaine's company, Hammond International Inc, is WBE Canada-certified.

shelley carter-schofield

senior manager, nutrien

i continue to hear positive testimonials ...

"Charmaine delivered a virtual professional development session for women in our company called 'Communicating For Success'. The session was very informative and we had lots of positive feedback from attendees in different roles in our organization. This was the kind of session it seemed many of us needed, even if we didn't know we needed it! There were lots of good takeaways and over the past 2 months I continue to hear positive testimonials on how helpful this session was for some of our employees.
I would highly recommend Charmaine as a speaker to other organizations."

This offer won't happen again until 2024.

Can you wait that long? Can your team?

Standalone Options

Mental Health First aid only




  • For groups of 100 or more, contact for pricing

Conflict resolution workshop only



  • Add a Booster Session for $3,300


What are the minimum Mental Health First Aid participant numbers required to qualify for the promo?

For virtual training, at least 60 participants are needed.  

For in-person training, 50 participants are needed.

What are the class sizes for MHFA?

Virtual classes need a minimum of 10 participants, and can have a maximum of 15.

In-person classes need a minimum of 12 participants, and can have a maximum of 25.

Because we work with multiple instructors, we can run concurrent classes if your group size requires it.

What if we don't meet the minimum numbers for MHFA?

You can book Mental Health First Aid training on its own for groups as small as ten people for virtual training, or 12 for in person.

Are there any extra costs?

If you choose in-person training for MHFA or the conflict resolution workshop, any applicable instructor travel costs as well as a $100 per diem will be added to your invoice.

Is there a deadline to book the conflict resolution workshop & booster session?

The workshop should be scheduled for delivery by March 31st.  Booster session will ideally be scheduled within 90 days of the workshop.

Is the Conflict Resolution workshop suitable for both employees and managers?

The workshop can be delivered to both groups at once.  Or, if you'd rather, it can be broken up into a 90-minute employee session, and 90-minute management/leadership session at no additional cost.

Ready? Have questions? Let's talk ...

We look forward to connecting and talking about how we can help you to help your team!