Join Us For Trauma-Informed Leadership for Navigating Conflict - a Panel Discussion

October 10th

1-2 pm EST


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A trauma-informed leadership approach...

Workplace conflicts are a common and often disruptive aspect of professional life. However, it's essential to recognize that not all conflicts stem from superficial disagreements or personality clashes. Many are rooted in underlying trauma experienced by employees. Understanding the role of trauma in workplace conflicts and adopting a trauma-informed leadership approach can help organizations reduce conflict, foster healthier working environments, and promote overall employee well-being.

Trauma-informed leadership is an approach that acknowledges the prevalence of trauma in society and its potential impact on employees within an organization. It is based on four key principles:

  • Recognizing the Prevalence of Trauma
  • Understanding the Impact of Trauma
  • Responding with Empathy and Support
  • Creating a Safe and Empowering Environment

Trauma can trigger strong emotional responses, which often lead to conflicts in the workplace. Trauma-informed leaders are trained to recognize these triggers and respond with sensitivity. They work with employees to develop coping strategies and offer accommodations when necessary, mitigating potential conflict situations.

Trust is the foundation of any healthy workplace. Trauma-informed leaders create an atmosphere where employees feel safe sharing their experiences and concerns without fear of judgment. Trust fosters open and honest communication, allowing conflicts to be addressed before they escalate.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada has identified 13 factors of Psychologically Safe & Healthy Workplaces. Organizations who put them into effect can empower their workers to develop true work-life balance - leading to increased productivity, motivation, and engagement at work.

  • Culture
  • Psychological & Social Support
  • Civility & Respect
  • Clear Leadership & Expectations
  • Psychological Demands
  • Growth & Development
  • Recognition & Reward
  • Involvement & Influence
  • Workload Management
  • Engagement
  • Balance
  • Psychological Protection
  • Protection of Physical Safety

What We'll Be Talking About

Part 1

How conflict is often emotionally charged, influenced by the past and history and involves strong emotions and positions

Part 2

What trauma is, and what it isn't. Why some people experience trauma after an event where someone else may not

Part 3

Self-regulation - how to support our own emotions so they stay in check before, during, and after a conversation with a colleague

Part 4

Co-regulation - what it is and how it's one of the most effective strategies to keep all parties on track and productive

Part 5

The principles of trauma-informed leadership and how they transform workplaces and relationships between team members

Part 6

Concrete examples and scenarios that demonstrate a trauma-informed approach in action - no matter who the parties are

Our Panel

Conflict Navigation Expert

Charmaine Hammond

Trauma-Informed Leadership Expert

Kimberly Van Ryn


CEO, The Expert Talk

Jennifer Prendergast

Here’s What People Are Saying About Our Experts' Work

“Charmaine provided conflict management training to managers at various levels in our organization. She customized her presentation to our specific needs. In addition, she provides concise support material and follow-up as needed. I highly recommend her services.“


Chief Superintendent,

District Commander, Southern Alberta RCMP

"Kim and Sara's expertise and passion shone through as they delivered the training, providing our staff and volunteers with invaluable insights and tools to better understand and support neurodiverse individuals. Their approach was engaging, inclusive, and tailored to our needs, creating a positive and welcoming learning environment. The training opened our eyes to new perspectives, helping us build a more empathetic and inclusive community. We now feel better equipped to provide the necessary support to create a safe space for all the children and youth we serve."

Juli-Ann James

Streams Hub Co-Founder

October 10th at 1:00pm EST

2:00pm AST | 12:00pm CST | 11:00pm MST | 10:00am PST

A recording will be made available to all registrants and attendees within 24 hours of the event

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