[Video] How To Handle Hard Emotions Once And For All

We all deal with hard emotions – sadness, anger, frustration, envy, hurt … the list goes on and on. If not dealt with head-on, they can linger – sometimes for years – and cause all sorts of deeper problems.

Hot tip: emotions have a specific “lifecycle”. Sounds weird, but bear with me. Emotions rise and peak in a predictable way which means that there are specific ways to work through them that’ll work every time.

Here, I’m explaining what the “lifecycle” looks like (it’s science, but not boring, I promise!), and how you can handle each one so they dissipate quicker.

Heads up: it’s not always easy. Handling an emotion means there’s no more pushing them aside – you’re going to have allow yourself to feel them. But, and I swear this is true, dealing with them when they arise leads to way less pain, hurt, anxiety, and stress.

Have a watch and let me know how it works for you …