[Video] How To Stop Feeling Guilty About Everything

Are you tired of walking around with an ever-present sense of guilt? That you’re not a good parent, that you’re messing up, that you didn’t accomplish everything on your impossible to-do list… again ….

Parenting in 2021 comes with a whole different set of pressures. Throw in judgement from family, other parents, and random strangers on the internet, and no wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed.

In this video, Dr. Erin Watson covers two different sources of guilt (the good news?! One you can throw out the window right here an now, no questions asked!), and some ways you can overcome the only unrealistic judgements that you should pay any attention to – your own.

If you’re ready to make today the day you start to feel confident about the decisions you make for yourself and your family, watch below now …