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Who Are We?

The Expert Talk a premier provider of Mental Health First Aid for adults who work with youth.

We are also a growing community of experts that are here to help teams through the many issues you face while working with young people, and to support young people themselves.

Our focus is 100% science- and evidence-based, and we deliver information based on the latest research and clinical studies available, so team members know they’re always getting the most current and effective insight and strategies.

Get your team certified in Mental Health First Aid - Supporting Youth

Here's how Mental Health First Aid training will make an impact on your organization and on the young people you work with:
  • Ensures a readily available support network for your team members and the kids in your care
  • Team members will know how to engage in conversations around mental health
  • Earlier recognition and support of mental health problems in youth leads to more favourable outcomes 
  • Kids will know they have a safe space and adults who care, and are able to support them
  • Demonstrates the organization's commitment to team and youth mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Parents will feel comfortable knowing their kids are in the care of adults who are trained to recognize and support mental health problems

Currently available in virtual format

Training, Workshops & Presentations

Sessions are available for both audiences of adults who work with youth, and for young people themselves.  Here's a sample of what we can help with.  Full topic menu is available by clicking below.

  • The Inner Lives of Teens & Tweens - Fact: Young people go through four developmental stages during their adolescent years. Understanding what makes them tick - and how their decisions and behaviour are affected as a result - helps us support them in building confidence and resilience
  • Dealing With Big Emotions - Fact: When kids and their adults are both on edge, it takes very little to set off conflict that interrupts group dynamics, and classroom/team cohesiveness
  • Conflict Resolution - Fact: Educators/coaches/service professionals and young people who learn conflict resolution skills can create a safe, and constructive environment that enhances the your ability to support and their ability to learn and grow
  • Stress-Free Transitions for Youth - Fact: Transitions, big and small, come with hidden feelings that often go unrecognized. Because of this, they don't get managed or processed, and can lead to anxiety and behavioural issues
  • Managing Conflict Between Parents - Fact: Many behavioural issues educators, coaches, and service professionals face with the kids in their care are a direct result of conflict in the home
  • Self-Regulation in a Digital World - Fact: Young people often turn to screens as a way to de-stress and relax. But screen use creates it's own kind of stress in the body that can leave them tired, agitated, and burnt out

See details on the above topics, and view the full topic menu for each audience by clicking below. 

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Connect Better with Teens & Tweens

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