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Whether you’re a parent, coach, educator, or professional who works with teens, The Expert Talk is here to help you understand their world so you can connect better with them.

It all starts by understanding the 4 keys to their behaviour

Did you know there are four distinct key milestones that every kid passes through in their tween & teen years? Watch a free video from Dr. Erin Watson that’ll help you understand each one so you can connect better with your teen.

Here's What We Do ...

For Parents

As they get more independent, friendships, social media, and peer pressure play a larger role in their lives – which can leave you feeling like you’re raising a stranger. We’re here to help you connect better with them so you can be their #1 again.

For Educators

Our seminars and workshops for educators will give you the ultimate insight into the students you work with. Sessions can be tailored for educators, parents and/or students on any of the topics our experts cover. 

For Organizations

Are you coaching kids, working with them, or creating products or services for them? We have seminars, workshops and courses that’ll help you understand them so you can support them as best as you can.

Topics YOU need to know more about

Connection and science are at the core of everything we do.

Our experts bring you information based on the latest research and clinical studies available so you can be sure you’re always up to date and on the right path when it comes to connecting with the teens in your life.

Because when you want help, there’s no time for misinformation.

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What Our Members Are Saying

Brad - dad to daughter, 12

I joined as a member … and it has helped tremendously in a short time.  Completely changing the way I interact with my daughter.

Meaghan - mom of two, 11 and 5

I already feel like I’m failing at everything, so it’s nice to know I’m not alone. I finally feel like I CAN do this whole parenting thing.

Questions & Answers

How do I get my teen to open up?

This article by Dr. Erin Watson covers 5 ways to get them to open up, and 1 thing you should never say.

How can I monitor the sexy images my daughter sees?

This video from Dr. Erin explains exactly  why controlling what she sees isn’t a good idea.

How can I help them deal with their emotions?

Letting your teen feel their feelings and not stepping in immediately will make a huge difference. Read why here.

I don't like their new girlfriend. What do I do?

Dr. Erin offers three crucial questions to ask before you intervene on anything with your teen in this video.

How do I help my daughter with body image when I'm not happy with my own?

You’re not alone.  Dr. Erin answers this common question for you in this video.

All we do is argue. How do I make it stop?

Use the strategy from this article to set assertive boundaries that’ll lead to less pushing the limits by your teen.

How do I stop feeling burnt out? I feel like I'm always angry with my kids and partner.

This video covers what self-care really is, how to do it, and how it’ll change your life.

School is just killing us this year. How do I help my teen?

School is especially hard right now. This article explains how to keep them motivated and on track.

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