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We help organizations and teams reset and repair workplace culture so employees feel empowered, productive, and engaged.

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  • Mental Health First Aid certification for teams and groups
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Who Are We?

The Expert Talk helps organizations and teams reset and repair workplace culture through workshops, training, ongoing group support, establishment of internal communities of practice, and one-on-one coaching. Our goal is not to be a “flash in the pan”, or training that’s brought in to check a box, but to develop an ongoing relationship with clients where support and continued learning & growth is at the core. 

We work with government, non-profit, and corporate clients in areas that include conflict navigation/de-escalation, personal accountability, trauma-informed leadership, neurodiversity at work, leading through change, and more.  The Expert Talk sets itself apart with its collaborative approach to team building, program development, and values-based approach, especially with regard to ensuring all content and strategies offered are science- and evidence-based and backed by current research.

No matter the audience, we pride ourselves on creative and engaging trainings and workshops, and ongoing support options & programs that offer participants opportunities to continue developing and practicing their skills. The Expert Talk boasts an expanding community of experts, with a diverse set of expertise and life experience.

Who We Work With


Small & Medium Businesses, Enterprises, Conference & Event Planners


Associations, Unions, Organizations


Municipal, Provincial, Federal

We felt safe in their hands at every interaction

amy kende, Region of Peel

Advisor, Organizational Development and Learning

We had the pleasure of working with  The Expert Talk for several leadership workshops and follow up booster sessions on the topic of Trauma-informed Leadership. Feedback was positive about the content, information, and real-life experience of the facilitators and coaches. In addition to being supportive, easy to talk to, and always open to feedback and suggestions, we felt safe in their hands at every interaction. If an opportunity arose, we wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future.

Get your team certified in Mental Health First Aid

Here's how Mental Health First Aid training will make an impact across your organization:
  • Ensures a readily available support network for your team members
  • Protects the bottom line, productivity, and morale
  • Employees will take their skills home and into their communities
  • Demonstrates the organization's commitment to employee mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Positions the organization as a leader in reducing the stigma around mental health

Available virtually or in-person

Training, Workshops & Keynotes

Our ever-growing topic menu includes details, learning objectives, and take-away tools & strategies on every session available to you.  Here's a sample of how we can help:

  • Conflict Management and Mediation for Leaders - On average, employees lose two hours per week due to conflict and miscommunication. This certification course will train leaders to deal with workplace conflict quickly and effectively
  • Neurodiversity at Work - Fact: Neurodivergent individuals make up 15-20% of the population, and strategies that make workplaces safe and supportive for them to thrive actually benefit every employee
  • Conflict Navigation - Fact: People who learn conflict resolution skills can create a safe, and constructive work environment that enhances a their team's ability to work cohesively and efficiently
  • Trauma-Informed Leadership - Fact: Trauma-informed leaders facilitate employee well-being & productivity, better employee engagement, enhanced team cohesion & trust, reduction in workplace conflict, and less absenteeism
  • Difficult Conversations - Fact: More than 80% of workers are running in fear from at least one scary conversation at work—a conversation they know they need to have but are dreading (Poll, Forbes)

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Want More?

  • Let us help you develop the mental health policy and resource toolkit for your organization. Or we can review the policy and resources you already have in place.
  • Workplace Violence & Harassment training and policy creation.
  • Include Mental Health First Aid training at your event and save speaker fees for presentations and workshops.  Ask us for details.


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